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Science/Technology / In Save Money Jennys Fast Foods Price $9.46 by mido333: on Fri 09 at 05:27 pm
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Science/Technology / Does Any Sometime Used User Detection? by mido333: on Thu 08 at 05:20 pm
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Science/Technology / Stock Exchange Online Not Scam Proof by mido333: on Thu 08 at 02:11 pm
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Science/Technology / With Make Money Investment Agropreneur Gogreen Price $27.50 by mido333: on Thu 08 at 01:43 pm
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Science/Technology / With Make Money Investment Agropreneur Gogreen Price $27.50 by mido333: on Thu 08 at 01:29 pm
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Science/Technology / شروق الشمس في مدرسة مونتيسوري by mido333: on Thu 08 at 01:27 pm
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Science/Technology / Want Revenue? Take Extreme-density Market by mido333: on Thu 08 at 01:22 pm
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يعد التداول عالي الانتظام طريقة قوية تستخدم الذكاء الاصطناعي في دراسة المواد الكبيرة من أسواق متعددة بالإضافة إلى البحث عن علامات التسويق ، عن طريق الدفع لشراء أو صفقة تجارية. تتيح هذه الأداة المبتكرة للمستخدمين كسب إيرادات حتى من التذبذبات منخفضة التكلفة للغاية.
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Science/Technology / Made Transaction And Have Been Charged Any Toll by mido333: on Thu 08 at 01:16 pm
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Cryptocurrency / Easy Work To Receive Litecoin Money by mido333: on Thu 08 at 12:28 pm
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Cryptocurrency / And Markets News Metal Recycling Price $8.51 by mido333: on Wed 07 at 03:33 pm
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Cryptocurrency / Easy Work To Earn Litecoin Money by mido333: on Wed 07 at 03:03 pm
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Cryptocurrency / Lack Of Income? Use Intensive-density Market by mido333: on Wed 07 at 02:43 pm

سيكسب الجميع دولارات فعلية عند التعامل مع تداول التكرار الفائق. تأتي إيراداتك إلى محفظتك على الفور من خلال العملة المشفرة الفعلية. يمكن للمالك صرف هذه الاستثمارات في أي لحظة.
يعد التبادل عالي الكثافة طريقة قوية تستخدم الشبكة العصبية الاصطناعية لدراسة المواد الكبيرة ضد العديد من الأسواق وكذلك البحث عن علامات التبادل ، لإحداث عملية شراء أو معاملة تجارية. تتيح الأداة الفعالة للمتداول تحقيق أرباح حتى من تقلبات التكلفة القليلة للغاية.
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Cryptocurrency / If Open An Investment Account Ardent Garden Rnd Price $220.00 by mido333: on Wed 07 at 02:19 pm
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Sports / Chelsea Sack Head Coach Thomas Tuchel by horlique2: on Wed 07 at 02:14 pm

Chelsea FC head coach Thomas Tuchel has been sacked.

It comes less than a day after the Blues lost 1-0 to Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League group stage.

They have had an indifferent start to the league season, losing two of their opening six Premier League fixtures.

In a statement, the club said Tuchel "will rightly have a place in Chelsea's history after winning the Champions League, the Super Cup and Club World Cup in his time here."

It added: "As the new ownership group reaches 100 days since taking over the club, and as it continues its hard work to take the club forward, the new owners believe it is the right time to make this transition.

"Chelsea's coaching staff will take charge of the team for training and the preparation of our upcoming matches as the club moves swiftly to appoint a new head coach."

It comes after Tuchel criticised Chelsea's "huge underperformance" in the Champions League group match, saying his side lacked "hunger and intensity" in the shock 1-0 loss at Dinamo Zagreb.

"I'm angry on myself," he said. "I'm angry on our performance. It's not aggressive enough on the ball, it's not enough individually or enough as a team.

The latest development comes after new owners Boehly and Eghbali paid a world-record sports franchise £4.25billion to buy Chelsea from Russian billionaire Abramovich at the end of May.

The ambitious US magnates are in the process of overhauling every aspect of the Blues' operation, and have acted quickly to unseat Tuchel.

The highly regarded German coach has overseen three defeats in seven matches in the new campaign, after the Blues invested a one-window Premier League record £273million to revamp the squad.

Brighton boss Graham Potter and former PSG and Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino are thought to be among the early candidates for new Chelsea manager.

Cryptocurrency / How To Invest Money Legit Work by mido333: on Wed 07 at 01:55 pm

الراتب الثالث 11.11 تتم معالجته عن طريق كيفية استثمار أموال المستهلك المدفوع ريناتو. انظر المشروع حقا. مشاهدة الأدلة. الناس ليسوا احتيال.

Business/Investments / If Investing In Stocks Designer Women Wears And Accessories Price $6.60 by mido333: on Wed 07 at 01:44 pm

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Business/Investments / Investing In Stocks No Scam Work Picture by mido333: on Wed 07 at 01:29 pm
يرسل هذا الراتب 11.20 جنيهًا إسترلينيًا الاستثمار في الأسهم إلى نقاباكازي. الموقع صحيح بالتأكيد. قبض على الصورة. دفع لا تعرف الغش.

Business/Investments / Easy Work To Make Crypto Cash by mido333: on Wed 07 at 01:08 pm
Simple job to earn litecoin
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Cryptocurrency / Crypto Casino Sued For $400 Million By Former Partner by horlique2: on Fri 02 at 11:14 pm
An former partner of who claims he was excluded from the wildly successful company is suing the Australian creators of the largest bitcoin casino in the world in the US for $US400 million in damages.

However, the creators of, Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani, who just bought the most expensive home in Melbourne, have called the lawsuit “utterly frivolous” and “provably false.”

The cryptocurrency casino, which was thought to be an overseas operation, was actually formed in Melbourne in 2017 by Craven and Tehrani, according to a late 2021 investigation by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

With Canadian pop artist Drake serving as its major brand ambassador,, the lead shirt sponsor of English Premier League soccer team Everton, has grown into a company with a potential market value of up to $1 billion.

Craven recently made news in Australia when he paid $80 million for a Toorak home, shattering the city’s previous record. A other Toorak property was purchased for $38 million earlier this year by entities connected to Craven.

Christopher Freeman, who is currently based in Florida, has filed a civil lawsuit in the Southern District of New York, claiming he was misled into not taking part in the creation of and is seeking $US400 million ($580 million) in punitive damages as well as payment for his initial investment in a company that served as a precursor to

The case also names as a defendant. Lawyers for the company referred to the accusations as “frivolous” and “provably false” in a statement. If the action was not dismissed from court, it stated that it will defend the claim.

The allegation made by Freeman cites Craven’s real estate acquisitions as proof of’s enormous success. The casino claims to have processed $US100 billion in bets across its casino and sports betting companies, yet it runs very similarly to a typical casino and only accepts cryptocurrencies as payment.

Freeman claims in his court case that he went to elementary and high school in Connecticut with Tehrani and was friends with the founder since they were little children.

In the beginning, according to Freeman, he owned 20% of Primedice while Tehrani and Craven each owned 40%, a situation that reflected their first investment in the company.

Within nine months of Primedice’s founding, Freeman claims that his stock was lowered to 14% in order to compensate other key members of the development team.

Freeman claims that despite the trio’s agreement that Primedice would only grant stock to persons who have invested money in the company, this share transfer nonetheless took place.

As the value of cryptocurrencies increased, Freeman claims that in 2016, he discussed the concept of a cryptocurrency casino with his business partners, but Tehrani and Craven allegedly turned him down because of potential regulatory concerns.

Freeman claims he was discouraged from joining Tehrani and Craven’s claimed new enterprise,, in the same year after being informed he could only take part if he relocated to Australia and that the new business would only deal in fiat currencies like the US dollar or the Euro.

According to court documents, “Freeman, who was committed to and at ease with the concepts of online gambling, believed a fiat money casino was the wrong direction to go (online gaming facilitated by fiat is a widespread, big business)”.

“He reasoned it was highly competitive and presented personal risks which he was not prepared to accept, and he did not want to be forced to move to Australia to pursue a fiat-based gambling business”.

Freeman claims that Tehrani and Craven started their bitcoin casino despite their prior comments that it would be too expensive to operate one and worries about regulation.

He further claims that after questioning Tehrani and Craven, the two gave him guarantees before taking away his system access.

“Later, when launched as a virtual casino which included a competing online dice game and many other features Freeman had proposed and helped design, Tehrani and Craven affirmatively tried to assuage Freeman’s dismay at having been misled by affirming that he still retained his stake in Primedice.”

“Eventually, Freeman’s access to the Primedice account was blocked and never returned.” said in a statement:

“The complaint filed by Chris Freeman contains allegations that are internally inconsistent, intentionally misleading, and provably false.” The company described the claim as a “desperate attempt to spread false information”, adding Freeman had no claim to the money he said he was owed.

Crime / Washington Dc Attorney General Suing Ex-microstrategy Ceo Michael Saylor For All by horlique2: on Thu 01 at 02:28 pm
Washington, D.C., is suing billionaire tech executive Michael Saylor and his former company MicroStrategy for alleged tax fraud.

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine announced the lawsuit Wednesday, alleging that Saylor has lived in the district for more than a decade but has never paid any Washington, D.C., income taxes.

Racine said his office was suing Saylor's former company, MicroStrategy, for "conspiring to help (Saylor) evade taxes he legally owes on hundreds of millions of dollars he’s earned while living in DC."

Racine said it was the first lawsuit brought under Washington D.C.’s False Claims Act, encouraging whistleblowers to report residents who evade Washington's tax laws by misrepresenting their residence.

"With this lawsuit, we’re putting the residents and employers on notice that if you enjoy all the benefits of living in our great city while refusing to pay your fair share in taxes, we will hold you accountable," Racine said.

Michael Saylor, chairman and chief executive officer at MicroStrategy, speaks during the DC Blockchain Summit in Washington, D.C. (Valerie Plesch/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Saylor, who oversaw MicroStrategy’s push into bitcoin, stepped down as CEO earlier this month, following a reported $1 billion second-quarter loss amid a plunge in cryptocurrencies.

Business/Investments / Emirates Airline Suspends All Flights To Nigeria by horlique2: 10:59 pm On 8 Aug

An Emirates airline's Airbus A380, displayed at the Dubai Airshow on November 9, 2015.

Nigeria's aviation ministry says it is "working hard" to release trapped funds to the Emirates airline after the carrier suspended flights to Nigeria beginning from next month.

Emirates announced in a statement Thursday that it has put a hold on flight operations in and out of Nigeria due to its inability to repatriate funds from the West African country.
The airline said there has been "no progress" in reaching Nigerian authorities for a solution.
"Emirates has tried every avenue to address our ongoing challenges in repatriating funds from Nigeria and have made considerable efforts to initiate dialogue with the relevant authorities for their urgent intervention to help find a viable solution. Regrettable there has been no progress," Emirates said in a statement.

The decision comes after Emirates announced last month of flights it would reduce flights to Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos, the carrier said it could not access its funds amounting to $85 million withheld in the country. The stuck funds had been rising by over $10 million every month, the airline said in a letter addressed to Nigeria's Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika.
Currency in freefall
Sirika told CNN the trapped funds will be released as this was not the first time Nigeria was holding onto huge amounts of revenue belonging to foreign air carriers.

"In the past, Nigeria has demonstrated the capacity and the willingness and fairness to resolve this type of issue. It happened when we took over power in 2015: There were lots of blocked funds, about $600 million at that time. It was at a time when the country was in a recession and there were dwindling revenues coming to the country, yet we honored our obligation to pay out all those blocked funds," Sirika told CNN Thursday.
"Unfortunately, due to many factors and reasons, the monies piled back up. Government is working hard to ensure that these monies are released, not only for Emirates but all airlines affected," Sirika added.
Sirika added that "mechanisms will be put in place to ensure that this does not occur in the future."

The minister did not elaborate on what the factors were although Nigeria is grappling with shortages in foreign exchange which has restricted access to foreign currency for imports.
Earlier in June, the International Air Transport Association said Nigeria was holding onto $450 million revenue belonging to foreign carriers operating in the country.
The local currency has been in freefall against the dollar with most of the country's foreign exchange derived from crude oil sale, which has dwindled due to oil theft in producing communities. The government is also burdened with the high cost of subsidizing fuel for local consumption.
Nigeria is one of Africa's biggest markets for international carriers.

US Politics / Biden Announces Student Loan Relief For Borrowers Making Less Than $125,000 by horlique2: 10:52 pm On 8 Aug
President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced historic new steps to address student loan debt, which includes forgiving up to $20,000 for millions of borrowers and extending the payment freeze one final time until the end of the year.

"Education is a ticket to a better life. ... but over time that ticket has become too expensive for too many Americans," Biden said during a speech from the White House. "All this means that an entire generation is now saddled with unsustainable debt in exchange for an attempt, at least, at a college degree. The burden is so heavy that even if you graduate you may not have access to the middle-class life that the college degree once provided."

The President's sweeping plan on student loans follows extended, down-to-the-wire negotiations at the White House among stakeholders and lawmakers ahead of when payments were set to resume at the end of this month. The decision is already disappointing many, with those on the left arguing that the President should have provided even more loan forgiveness and those on the right asserting that Biden is punishing Americans who avoided going into debt. But it fulfills one of Biden's campaign promises, issuing major reforms to America's student loan system and providing relief to millions of current and future borrowers.
Borrowers who hold loans with the Department of Education and make less than $125,000 a year are eligible for up to $20,000 in student loan forgiveness if they received Pell Grants, which are given to students from low- and middle-income families. Individuals who make less than $125,000 a year but did not receive Pell Grants are eligible for $10,000 in loan forgiveness.
Biden said that the administration's "targeted actions are for families that need it the most: working and middle class people hit especially hard during the pandemic making under $125,000 a year," emphasizing that "about 90% of the eligible beneficiaries make under $75,000."
"I understand not everything I'm announcing is going to make everybody happy," Biden said. "Some think it's too much -- I find it interesting how some of my Republican friends who voted for those tax cuts think we shouldn't be helping these folks. Some think it's too little, but I believe my plan is responsible and fair. It focuses the benefit of middle-class and working families, it helps both current and future borrowers and it'll fix a badly broken system."
The Department of Education will announce details on how borrowers can claim this relief through an application in the coming weeks. Millions of borrowers will be able to receive relief automatically based on existing income data.

Additionally, the department is proposing a federal rule aimed at making the student loan system more manageable for current and future borrowers.
The proposed rule would change income-based repayment for student loans, cutting in half the amount borrowers would have to pay each month on their undergraduate loans, "while borrowers with both undergraduate and graduate loans will pay a weighted average rate."
The proposal would also "raise the amount of income that is considered non-discretionary income and therefore protected from repayment." And it would forgive loan balances after 10 years of payments rather than 20 years under many income-driven repayment plans for borrowers with original loan balances of $12,000 or less, the department said.
The proposed rule includes other changes, like simplifying borrowers' choices among loan repayment plans.
Unintended consequences
Biden on Wednesday argued that "the whole economy is better off" as a result of his new plan.
"By resuming student loan payments at the same time we provide targeted relief, we're taking an economically responsible course. As a consequence, $50 billion dollars a year will start coming back into the Treasury because of the resumption of debt," he said, later adding, "There is plenty of deficit reduction to pay for the programs ... many times over."
Although student debt cancellation will deliver financial relief to millions of Americans, it would shift the cost to Uncle Sam.
A one-time cancellation of $10,000 for each borrower earning up to $125,000 a year could cost the government nearly $300 billion, according to an estimate from the Penn Wharton Budget Model. Additional forgiveness for Pell grant recipients was not included in the estimate.
Plus, loan cancellation won't address the root of the problem: college affordability. There is currently $1.6 trillion of outstanding federal student loan debt. The amount of outstanding debt would return to that level in just four years after $10,000 per borrower was canceled, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.
White House officials on Wednesday could not provide a topline price estimate for the plan, saying too many unknowns exist to calculate how much the plan might eventually cost.
Susan Rice, the White House's domestic policy adviser, said it would depend on how many eligible borrowers sign up through the Department of Education to have their loans relieved.
"If 43 million borrowers take it up, that'll be different than if 50% of those 43 million take it up," Rice said.
Student loan cancellation also could increase inflation -- though many experts say the effect would be modest, because borrowers generally pay back their student loans over time. They wouldn't receive a lump sum of money if some of their debt is canceled. They would instead be required to pay less money each month toward their student loan payments.
"The inflationary impact its certainly positive, but I don't think it would be much. We're talking about a pretty small impact," said Kent Smetters, faculty director of the Penn Wharton Budget Model.
Warnings over inflation
Larry Summers, a former Treasury Secretary who served as the director of the National Economic Council under President Barack Obama, argued ahead of the announced plan that relief would contribute to inflation.
"I hope the Administration does not contribute to inflation macro economically by offering unreasonably generous student loan relief or micro economically by encouraging college tuition increases," Summers tweeted on Tuesday, later adding, "Student loan debt relief is spending that raises demand and increases inflation. It consumes resources that could be better used helping those who did not, for whatever reason, have the chance to attend college. It will also tend to be inflationary by raising tuitions."
Jason Furman, the chairman of former President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, added, "Pouring roughly half trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire that is already burning is reckless. Doing it while going well beyond one campaign promise ($10K of student loan relief) and breaking another (all proposals paid for) is even worse."
Marc Goldwein, the senior vice president and senior policy director for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget -- a nonpartisan group that tracks federal spending -- argued against the plan in an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow on "Newsroom" Tuesday morning.
He believes that canceling $10,000 of debt for each borrower will likely increase inflation, undermine the stated goal of Democrats' Inflation Reduction Act and will not significantly decrease the racial wealth gap.
"The Inflation Reduction Act saves maybe $300 billion dollars in the first 10 years. If we cancel $10,000 of debt and just extend the pause a few months, we're going to be at about that much in terms of new cost," he said. "All the deficit reduction will be wiped out. At the same time, we're probably going to do more to increase inflation from debt cancellation than any inflation reduction from the Inflation Reduction Act."
It's also not easy to target loan forgiveness to those who need it the most and exclude borrowers with higher salaries. An income threshold that cuts off borrowers who earn more than $125,000 a year could help make sure a bigger proportion of the relief goes to low-income borrowers. But some doctors and lawyers, who will eventually be making high incomes, may also reap the benefits.
The Penn Wharton Budget Model also breaks down the share of forgiven debt by income group assuming that $10,000 is canceled for borrowers earning less than $125,000 per year and households earning less than $250,000.

It found that one-third of the canceled dollars would go to households who earn less than $50,795 a year. A little more than half of the debt relief would go to those earning between $50,795 and $141,096.
Roughly 14% of the canceled dollars would go to households earning more than $141,096 a year.
Political pressure
Biden has been facing political pressure from the left to broadly cancel student loan debt since taking office.
Key Democratic lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, had called on Biden to cancel $50,000 per borrower. The President spoke with Schumer, Warren and Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia on Tuesday ahead of the expected announcement.
Schumer and Warren said in a joint statement that the decision is "a giant step forward in addressing the student debt crisis."
"The positive impacts of this move will be felt by families across the country, particularly in minority communities, and is the single most effective action that the President can take on his own to help working families and the economy," they added.
Earlier this week amid reports of Biden's plan, NAACP President Derrick Johnson called the reported provisions insufficient and "not how you treat Black voters."
A senior administration official on Wednesday suggested that the relief it will help "narrow the racial wealth gap."
And Biden, in his remarks, acknowledged that the burden of student debt "is especially heavy on Black and Hispanic borrowers, who on average have less family wealth to pay for it. "
Biden has consistently pushed back on canceling that much, suggesting he would support wiping away $10,000 for borrowers below a certain income threshold. On the campaign trail, Biden called for immediately canceling a minimum of $10,000 in student debt per person as a response to the pandemic, as well as forgiving all undergraduate tuition-related federal student debt from two- and four-year public colleges and universities for those borrowers earning up to $125,000 a year. But he had also said he preferred Congress to take action rather than using executive power to do so.
And on the right, Republican lawmakers blasted Biden's new relief plan.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the plan is "yet another way to make inflation even worse" and "reward far-left activists."
"President Biden's student loan socialism is a slap in the face to every family who sacrificed to save for college, every graduate who paid their debt, and every American who chose a certain career path or volunteered to serve in our Armed Forces in order to avoid taking on debt," he continued. "This policy is astonishingly unfair."
Appearing to counter his critics -- particularly Republicans who voted for the Trump tax plan -- the President said on Wednesday he would "never apologize for helping ... working Americans and the middle class -- especially not to the same folks who voted for a $2 trillion tax cut that mainly benefited the wealthiest Americans and the biggest corporations."
Biden said no one complained that the $700 billion in forgiven small business loans as a part of former President Donald Trump's Covid-19 relief would make inflation worse.
Asked if the debt cancellation was fair to those who had already paid their loans or never took them out in the first place, Biden responded: "Is it fair to the people who, in fact, do not own multi-million businesses and see these guys getting all the tax breaks?"
Biden has already canceled billions of dollars in student loan debt
In the meantime, Biden has taken a more targeted approach to student debt relief. Most of his efforts have been meant to expand and streamline existing federal student loan forgiveness programs.
Biden's administration has authorized the cancellation of $32 billion so far -- more than any other administration -- largely for borrowers who were defrauded by their for-profit colleges and for permanently disabled borrowers.
He has also temporarily expanded the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program that forgives the debt of government and nonprofit workers after 10 years of payments, and made changes to the income-driven repayment plans, bringing millions of borrowers closer to forgiveness.
But the programs are complicated and don't always work the way they should. A recent Government Accountability Office report found that few people have qualified for forgiveness under an income-driven repayment plan, for example. The Department of Education had approved forgiveness for a total of 157 loans as of June 1, 2021. Meanwhile about 7,700 loans in repayment may have already been eligible for forgiveness.
On Wednesday, the Department of Education said in its statement that the administration is "proposing long-term changes" to the PSLF program.
"Specifically, the Department proposed allowing more payments to qualify for PSLF including partial, lump sum, and late payments, and allowing certain kinds of deferments and forbearances -- such as those for Peace Corps and AmeriCorps service, National Guard duty, and military service -- to count toward PSLF," the release states.

Cryptocurrency / Facebook’s Metaverse “will Misfire”: Vitalik Buterin by horlique2: 10:43 pm On 8 Aug
The Ethereum creator has explained that while the Metaverse remains an undefined concept, he thinks corporations like Facebook will struggle to build it.

Vitalik Buterin has said that corporations like Facebook's Meta that are trying to build the Metaverse today will be unsuccessful in their endeavors.
The Ethereum creator said that he thinks the Metaverse "is going to happen," but it's still too early for corporations to know how it will look.
Meta has indicated that it's committed to the Metaverse since rebranding from Facebook, but its latest earnings report shows it has some way to go to succeed.

The Ethereum creator shared his perspective on where the nascent space could be headed on Twitter early Sunday, saying he thinks that companies that are trying to create the Metaverse are unlikely to succeed in their endeavors. While he said that he thinks the Metaverse “is going to happen,” he added that he doesn’t think “any of the existing corporate attempts to intentionally create the metaverse are going anywhere.”

Without a doubt the most notable corporate player to show interest in the Metaverse to date has been Meta, Facebook’s parent company that rebranded as part of a shift to embrace the Metaverse late last year. Buterin namechecked Meta in his critique of the corporates entering the space. “Anything Facebook creates now will misfire,” he wrote in response to a tweet, arguing that Metaverse-focused companies would likely fail because “it’s far too early to know what people actually want.”

Buterin has become known for his outspoken personality as his public profile has grown with Ethereum over the years, though he often uses his Twitter account and blog to discuss Ethereum’s technology and how decentralization could impact the world. Though he’s commented on NFTs at length in the past, noting that he was surprised by the 2021 boom and taking subtle digs at the speculative side of the market, he’s rarely discussed the Metaverse.

The Next-Generation Internet
Though still a vague concept, the Metaverse is widely used to refer to a next-generation Internet in which users will be able to work, play, and connect with others within immersive virtual worlds. It’s believed that the Metaverse will incorporate elements of augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain technology. Hit MMPORG releases such as Fortnite and Runescape have been described as early examples of Metaverse worlds, but in recent years crypto-native titles like Decentraland and The Sandbox have found success in embracing the Metaverse space. Both games let players own plots of digital land and explore virtual worlds. They also incorporate their own tokens, something that crypto enthusiasts believe will be key to the Metaverse in the future. NFTs are also frequently discussed in tandem with the space as they can be used to represent online characters, virtual land, or other in-game items, giving players true ownership of their assets.

Several major corporations announced Metaverse plays as the crypto bull run reached a peak in 2021, with the likes of Adidas and Coca-Cola acquiring digital land, dropping NFTs, and hosting their own virtual parties. Metaverse hype peaked in October when Zuckerberg announced Meta and the firm has indicated that it’s ready to double down on the space on several occasions since, including sharing plans to support NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. Zuckerberg said that the company’s Metaverse arm, Reality Labs, would sink $10 billion into the space following the announcement, and it later reported an 11-figure 2021 loss. This year hasn’t gone much better, with Meta revealing its first revenue drop and a $2.8 billion loss on Reality Labs in its second-quarter earnings report Wednesday. In other words, based on the numbers, the company still has a long way to go to prove Buterin wrong.

Cryptocurrency / Coinbase Will Be ‘meaningful’ Beneficiary Of Ethereum Merge, Jpmorgan Says by horlique2: 10:41 pm On 8 Aug
Crypto exchange Coinbase (COIN) is positioned to benefit from the Ethereum Merge as institutional and retail clients get value from staking ether (ETH), JPMorgan analyst Kenneth Worthington told clients in a note.
JPMorgan estimates that Coinbase has a 15% market share in ETH assets, which trumps its 7% share of the overall crypto ecosystem. Worthington says Coinbase’s market share is probably tilted toward institutions, which are more likely to own ETH and bitcoin (BTC), whereas retail customers may “traffic more in the more speculative tokens.”
The bank further estimates that Coinbase can generate an incremental annual staking revenue of $650 million from the Merge, with ETH at $2,000 and a 5% yield. The exchange began offering Ethereum staking for institutional clients earlier this month.
“Coinbase is bigger in [ether] than was intuitive to us, thus leading directly to a bigger revenue opportunity,” the bank wrote. JPMorgan has a neutral rating and $64 price target on Coinbase shares, which closed Tuesday at $90.39.

Cryptocurrency / Cdpq Loses Hope On $150m Celsius Bet by horlique2: 10:37 pm On 8 Aug

Crypto enthusiasts may have once said that “the institutions are coming,” but in 2022, it feels more accurate to say that “the institutions are leaving.”

CDPQ is the latest titan to leave the space altogether after investing $150 million in Celsius Network in an October 2021 raise. The Canadian pension fund revealed it had written off its investment and suggested it was walking away from crypto at its latest results meeting. “For us, it is clear, when we look at all of this, we arrived too soon in a sector which was in transition,” said the firm’s president and CEO Charles Émond.

CDPQ backed Celsius in a $400 million funding round that valued the firm at $3 billion, saying at the time that it highlighted its “conviction” in blockchain. The crypto market peaked when Bitcoin hit $69,000 only a few weeks later, setting the stage for a months-long downturn that washed out Celsius and other crypto lenders.

Until its collapse, Celsius operated by promising customers lucrative returns on their crypto deposits. It captured yield by putting capital to work in DeFi protocols and other products like Grayscale’s GBTC fund, but faced insolvency issues when the market crashed in the fallout from Terra’s blowup in May. Celsius became the first of several major crypto lenders to halt customer withdrawals in June then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a few weeks later. It now has a $1.2 billion hole in its balance sheet and its customers are unlikely to see their funds returned since its terms and conditions stipulated that they gave the firm the right to use their funds when they made deposits.

Discussing CDPQ’s bet on Celsius, Émond added that the institution was weighing its legal options. CDPQ is Canada’s second-largest pension fund with a net asset value of around $325 billion. It was one of several major firms to flock to the crypto space in 2021 as the market rallied, but not all of them have stuck around. Ruffer, for example, bought into Bitcoin in late 2020 and sold its holdings after just five months, netting about $1.1 billion in the process. More recently, Tesla sold 75% of its Bitcoin holdings in the second quarter as the top crypto plummeted. Thanks to Celsius, it looks like CDPQ may not have so much conviction in crypto for the long-term either.

World Politics / Saudi Activist Sentenced To 34 Years In Prison For Twitter Activity by horlique2: 10:33 pm On 8 Aug

Salma al-Shehab was arrested in January 2021.

Saudi women's rights campaigner Salma al-Shehab was sentenced to 34 years in prison on Monday for her activity on Twitter, according to court documents viewed by CNN.

Al-Shehab, 33, was also banned from traveling outside of Saudi Arabia for another 34 years.
The PhD student at Leeds University in the United Kingdom had been arrested in January 2021 and was subjected to questioning sessions over a period of 265 days before being brought to the Specialized Criminal Court, according to independent human rights organization ALQST.
She was initially given a six-year sentence late last year -- this was increased to 34 years after al-Shehab filed an appeal, according to the documents.
The charges filed against her by the Public Prosecution included "providing succor to those seeking to disrupt public order and undermine the safety of the general public and stability of the state, and publishing false and tendentious rumors on Twitter," ALQST said.
Al Shehab told the court that without prior warning, she was "propelled" into the months-long investigation, during which she was kept under solitary confinement, according to the court documents.
The mother of two also asked the court to take into consideration the need to care for her children and sick mother, the documents said.

ALQST's Head of Monitoring and Communications Lina Al-Hathloul told CNN that al-Shehab had been arrested for supporting her sister Loujain al-Hathloul -- a prominent activist who spent more than 1,000 days in jail following a May 2018 sweep that targeted well-known opponents of the kingdom's since-rescinded law barring women from driving -- and other prisoners of conscience on Twitter.
Lina Al-Hathloul said in the ALQST statement that al-Shehab's sentence "makes a mockery of the Saudi authorities' claims of reform for women and of the legal system," adding that it "shows that they remain hellbent on harshly punishing anyone who expresses their opinions freely."
They urged that the Saudi government release al-Shehab and demanded that the kingdom protect freedom of speech.
Al-Shehab's Twitter account remains online with a pinned tweet that reads: "Freedom for prisoners of conscience and all the oppressed of the world."
The US State Department said it is "studying" the case on Wednesday.
"But I can say this is a general matter and I can say this without any caveat and resolutely: exercising freedom of expression to advocate for the rights of women should not be criminalized," said State Department spokesperson Ned Price at a briefing with reporters.
Asked if Saudi Arabia had been emboldened by recent US engagements with the country, Price responded that "our engagement... has made clear... that human rights is central to our agenda."

Science/Technology / China Is Seeding Clouds To Replenish Its Shrinking Yangtze River by horlique2: 10:30 pm On 8 Aug

A cracked riverbed in a section of Yangtze River in Yunyang, Chongqing, on August 16, 2022.

Chinese planes are firing rods into the sky to bring more rainfall to its crucial Yangtze River, which has dried up in parts, as swaths of the nation fall into drought and grapple with the worst heat wave on record.

Several regions on the Yangtze have launched weather modification programs, but with cloud cover too thin, operations in some drought-ravaged parts of the river's basin have remained on standby.
The Ministry of Water Resources said in a notice on Wednesday that drought throughout the Yangtze river basin was "adversely affecting drinking water security of rural people and livestock, and the growth of crops."
On Wednesday, central China's Hubei province became the latest to announce it would seed clouds, using silver iodide rods to induce rainfall.
The silver iodide rods -- which are typically the size of cigarettes -- are shot into existing clouds to help form ice crystals. The crystals then help the cloud produce more rain, making its moisture content heavier and more likely to be released.
Cloud seeding has been in practice since the 1940s and China has the biggest program in the world. It used seeding ahead of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 to ensure dry weather for the event, and the technique can also be used to induce snowfall or to soften hail.

At least 4.2 million people in Hubei have been affected by a severe drought since June, Hubei's Provincial Emergency Management Department said Tuesday. More than 150,000 people there have difficulties accessing drinking water, and nearly 400,000 hectares of crops have been damaged because of high temperatures and drought.

The Yangtze is just one of many rivers and lakes across the northern hemisphere that are drying up and shrinking amid relentless heat and low rainfall, including Lake Mead in the US and the Rhine River in Germany. These extreme weather conditions have been supercharged by the human-induced climate crisis, driven by burning fossil fuels.
Communities often rely on these bodies of water for economic activity and governments are having to intervene with adaptation measures and relief funds, costing huge amounts of money.
China is deploying such funds and developing new supply sources to deal with the impacts on crops and livestock. Some livestock has been temporarily relocated to other regions, the Ministry of Finance said earlier this week, adding it would issue 300 million yuan ($44.30 million) in disaster relief.

A dried up part of the Yangtze River bed on August 17, 2022 in Chongqing, China

To boost downstream supplies, the Three Gorges Dam, China's biggest hydropower project, will also increase water discharges by 500 million cubic meters over the next 10 days, the Ministry of Water Resources said Tuesday.
The heat also forced authorities in the southwestern province of Sichuan -- home to around 84 million people and a key manufacturing hub -- to order the shutdown of all factories for six days this week to ease a power shortage.
'Longest' and 'strongest' heat wave on record
China issued its highest red alert heat warning for at least 138 cities and counties across the country on Wednesday, and another 373 were placed under the second-highest orange alert, the Meteorological Administration said.

Children beat the heat at a gated community in Huzhou City in China's Zhejiang Province on August 12, 2022

As of Monday, China's heat wave had lasted 64 days, making it the longest in more than six decades, since full records began in 1961, the National Climate Center said in a statement. It also said it was the "strongest" on record and warned that it could worsen in the coming days.
"The heat wave this time is prolonged, wide in scope, and strong in extremity," the statement read. "Taken all signs together, the heat wave in China will continue and its intensity will increase."
The heat wave has also registered the largest number of counties and cities exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) since records began, according to the statement. The number of weather stations recording temperatures of 40C and above has reached 262, also the highest. Eight have hit 44C.
Persistently high temperatures are forecast to continue in the Sichuan Basin and large parts of central China until August 26.
A "special case" of high pressure from the West Pacific subtropical high, stretching across much of Asia, is likely to be the cause of the extreme heat, said Cai Wenju, climate researcher with CSIRO, Australia's national scientific research institute.

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World Politics / Peru Pm Resigns As Investigations Target President Castillo by horlique2: 11:14 am On 8 Aug

Anibal Torres pictured in Lima, Peru on June 15, 2021.

Peruvian Prime Minister Anibal Torres Vasquez has abruptly resigned, becoming the fourth premier to leave the job in the past year.

Torres announced his resignation in a letter to President Pedro Castillo on Wednesday, attributing his decision to "personal reasons" and wishing his "friend" Castillo success.
"I retire from this position after having served alongside you, our homeland (and) particularly the put-off and forgotten people," said Torres' letter, which he posted on Twitter.
By Peruvian law, Castillo must accept or reject his resignation.

Torres, whose tenure lasted almost 6 months, announced his resignation almost a week after President Castillo marked one year in power.
He accepted the role in February, after former Prime Minister Hector Valer stepped down amid allegations of domestic violence against him.
Valer, who had been in office just for four days, denied the allegations.

Torres' resignation now comes as Castillo himself is under pressure to resign by the opposition. Castillo is currently the subject of five investigations, four of them for alleged corruption.
During a speech before Congress celebrating Peru's National Day on July 28, Castillo admitted he had made mistakes and said he was willing to cooperate with any investigation
"I present myself to justice in order to clarify the charges that are attributed to me , with respect to the due process and not to media justice," Castillo said.
According to Peru's constitution, a sitting president may only be impeached on four charges: treason; preventing presidential, regional or local elections; dissolving Congress; or blocking the work of the National Election Jury or other electoral bodies.

World Politics / China Fires Missiles Near Taiwan In Live-fire Drills As Pla Encircles Island by horlique2: 11:08 am On 8 Aug

Tourists look on as a Chinese military helicopter flies past Pingtan island, one of mainland China's closest point from Taiwan on August 4, 2022.

China fired multiple missiles toward waters near northeastern and southwestern Taiwan on Thursday, the island's Defense Ministry said, as Beijing makes good on its promise that Taipei will pay a price for hosting US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Chinese military's Eastern Theater Command said in a statement that multiple missiles had been fired into the sea off the eastern part of Taiwan. It said all the missiles hit their target accurately.
"The entire live-fire training mission has been successfully completed and the relevant air and sea area control is now lifted," the statement said.
Earlier, the Eastern Theater Command said it had conducted long-range, live-fire training in the Taiwan Strait, state broadcaster CCTV reported, as part of planned military exercises around the island.
Chinese state media said that exercises to simulate an air and sea "blockade" around Taiwan had started Wednesday, but offered little solid evidence to back up the claim. Later Thursday, images showed military helicopters flying past Pingtan island, one of Taiwan's closest points to mainland China.
The military posturing was a deliberate show of force after Pelosi left the island on Wednesday evening, bound for South Korea, one of the final stops on an Asia tour that ends in Japan this weekend.
Within hours of her departure from Taipei Wednesday, the island's Defense Ministry said China sent more than 20 fighter jets across the median line in the Taiwan Strait, the midway point between the mainland and Taiwan that Beijing says it does not recognize but usually respects.

On Thursday, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said its military was remaining in a "normal" but wary posture, and called the live-fire drills an "irrational act" that attempted to "change the status quo."
"We are closely monitoring enemy activities around the sea of Taiwan and that of outlying islands, and we will act appropriately," the ministry said in a statement.
Exercises exerting pressure
Well in advance of Pelosi's near 24-hour visit to Taiwan, China had warned her presence was not welcome. The ruling Chinese Communist Party claims the self-governed island as its own territory, despite never having controlled it.
China issued a map showing six zones around Taiwan that would be the site of drills in coming days. But on Thursday, Taiwan's Maritime and Port Bureau said in a notice that China had added a seventh military exercise area for ships and aircraft to avoid "in the waters around eastern Taiwan."

Chinese state media on Thursday outlined a broad range of objectives for the exercises, including strikes on land and sea targets.
"The exercises (are) focused on key training sessions including joint blockade, sea target assault, strike on ground targets, and airspace control operation, and the joint combat capabilities of the troops got tested in the military operations," said an announcement from the Xinhua news agency attributed to the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) Eastern Theater Command, which has responsibility for the areas near Taiwan.

Chinese military helicopters fly past Pingtan island in Fujian province on Aug. 4.

Meanwhile, the Global Times tabloid said the drills involved some of China's newest and most sophisticated weaponry, including J-20 stealth fighters and DF-17 hypersonic missiles, and that some missiles may be fired over the island -- a move that would be extremely provocative.
"The exercises are unprecedented as the PLA conventional missiles are expected to fly over the island of Taiwan for the first time," the Global Times said, citing experts.
"The PLA forces will enter areas within 12 nautical miles of the island and the so-called median line will cease to exist."

Accounts from Taiwan of Chinese military movement included the fighter jets crossing the median line and a report from Taiwan's government-run Central News Agency, citing government sources, that two of China's most powerful warships -- Type 55 destroyers -- were sighted Tuesday off the central and southeastern coast of the island, the closest being within 37 miles (60 kilometers) of land.
But there was little corroboration or firm evidence provided by China to back up the sort of claims posted in the Global Times.
China's state-run television offered video of fighter jets taking off, ships at sea and missiles on the move, but the dates of when that video was shot could not be verified.
Some analysts were skeptical Beijing could pull off what they were threatening, such as a blockade of Taiwan.
"The official announcement (of the blockade) refers to just a few days, which would make it hard to qualify it on practical terms to a blockade," said Alessio Patalano, professor of war and strategy at King's College in London.
"Blockades are hard to execute and long to implement. This exercise is not that," he said.
Patalano said the biggest impact of the exercises would be psychological.
"During the period of time in question, ships and aircraft will likely reroute to avoid the area, but this is one primary objective of the chosen locations: create disruption, discomfort, and fear of worse to come," he said.

Chinese military helicopters fly past Pingtan island, one of mainland China's closest point from Taiwan on August 4, 2022.

Rerouting planes and ships
China's retaliatory exercises have already caused disruption to flight and ship schedules in Taiwan, though the island is trying to lessen their impact.
Taiwan's transportation minister said agreements had been reached with Japan and the Philippines to reroute 18 international flight routes departing from the island -- affecting about 300 flights in total -- to avoid the PLA's live-fire drills.
And on Wednesday, Taiwan's Maritime and Port Bureau issued three notices, asking vessels to use alternative routes for seven ports around the island.
China's planned live-fire drills were also causing unease in Japan.
Japan's chief cabinet secretary, Hirokazu Matsuno, said the drills posed a threat to his country's security.

World Politics / Russian Attacks Launched From Belarus Cause Heartbreak For Local Residents by horlique2: 09:58 am On 8 Aug

Residents of the tiny village of Dniprovske near Ukraine’s border with Belarus feel betrayed by their neighbors.

Belarus, a key Russian ally, continues to allow Moscow to launch missile and rocket attacks on Ukraine from its territory.

“We expected such an attack from Putin ... but we did not expect this from the Belarusians,” 40-year-old Svitlana Slyvka told CNN.

“This is treason. We are relatives, we are neighbors. ... It's a stab in the back that no one expected. They are worse than Russia.”

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko remains one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies and has played a significant role in the invasion of Ukraine.

He allowed Russian troops to cross the Belarusian border into Ukraine at the start of the conflict.

Ukrainian border guard Andrii Kazatskiy said the local residents can hear the missiles coming from Belarus. "[They] can hear not only how the missiles were launched, but also how they flew by,” he told CNN.

Russian officials say their air defense systems repelled another attempt by the Ukrainian military to strike the Antonovsky bridge, a key structure that crosses the Dnieper river into the occupied city of Kherson.

“There were no strikes on the bridge. There were attempts, but everything was repelled by the air defense system. Nothing flew on the bridge at all, these are all fakes,” Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the region’s civil military administration, told Russian state news agency TASS.
Ukraine has been conducting strikes on bridges in the area for several weeks now, hoping to cut off supplies to Russian troops in Kherson ahead of an announced counteroffensive.

Traffic across the Antonovsky bridge was stopped altogether on July 27, according to TASS.

Over the past week, Russian state media and social media footage showed Moscow’s forces transporting people across the Dnieper river in makeshift pontoon ferries, circumventing the disabled bridges.

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Bitcoin / Experts Reveal What Tesla’s $936m Sell-off Means For Bitcoin by horlique2: 08:26 am On 7 Jul

Crypto industry experts are largely unfazed by Tesla’s decision to sell 75%

Crypto industry experts are largely unfazed by Tesla’s decision to sell 75% of its Bitcoin (BTC) holdings, saying it’s a fairly typical strategy for companies to improve cash flow during economic slowdowns.

On Wednesday, the electric vehicle manufacturer revealed that it had sold 75% of its Bitcoin holdings in Q2, adding $936 million in fiat to its balance sheet.

During a conference call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that the sale “should not be taken as a verdict on Bitcoin,” explaining that the move was due to liquidity concerns given the continued COVID-19 lockdowns in China.

“The reason we sold a bunch of our Bitcoin holdings was that we were uncertain as to when the Covid lockdowns in China would alleviate. So it was important for us to maximize our cash position:”

“We are certainly open to increasing our Bitcoin holdings in the future.”
Asked by investors during the earnings call whether he saw Bitcoin as a long-term asset, Musk said the cryptocurrency was a “sideshow to the sideshow” of Tesla’s main goal, which is “to accelerate the advent of stable energy.”

“Cryptocurrency is not something we think of a lot,” he said.

Markus Thielen, chief investment officer at Singapore-based digital asset manager IDEG, told Cointelegraph that Tesla likely sold off its Bitcoin as it was “seen as a distraction from their core business:”

“I would not be surprised if Tesla keeps nibbling in Bitcoin when Bitcoin stabilizes, otherwise they would have sold 100%.”
Comparison site Finder’s share trading expert Kylie Purcell explained that the electric car manufacturer hasn’t been alone in its decision to “shore up capital in cash currencies.”

“With the world heading into an economic slowdown and possibly a recession, it’s not unusual for investors and companies to move capital away from more volatile assets into fiat currency,” she noted.

She also added that while the price of Bitcoin dipped following the announcement, there are already signs of recovery.

On Wednesday, Bitcoin’s price fell approximately 2.6% following Tesla’s announcement and has returned to $23,299 at the time of writing — tracking close to its one-month high, meaning that the crypto community may not have been too concerned by the announcement.

The muted reaction to the sale played out differently from the announcement in February last year that Telsa had scooped up $1.5 billion in BTC to add to its balance sheet and was planning on accepting Bitcoin as payment for certain products (though this was later scrapped).

The news at the time saw Bitcoin’s price immediately jump by almost $3,000, bringing the cryptocurrency to a new all-time high above $43,000.

Swyftx’s head of strategic partnerships, Tommy Honan, told Cointelegraph that Tesla’s decision to buy Bitcoin last year was “as important a moment as you can imagine for digital assets:”

“It almost gave other businesses permission to put crypto on their balance sheets and we saw a lot of big institutional investors, as well as small and mid-cap companies flood into the market from that point.”
“Musk said the sale wasn’t a verdict on Bitcoin, just a cash play, and it looks like the market has taken him at his word. Bitcoin’s price has stabilized over the last 24 hours and we’d be surprised if other big investors followed suit, especially given the current price of Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin / Elon Musk's Tesla Sells Most Of Its Bitcoin Holdings by anigold: 08:22 am On 7 Jul

Tesla, which made waves last year when it revealed a major investment in Bitcoin, has now sold off most of its holdings of the cryptocurrency.

he electric car firm has offloaded 75% of its Bitcoin, which was worth about $2bn (£1.7bn) at the end of 2021.

It is backing away as the value of the cryptocurrency has plunged, falling by more than 50% this year.

Tesla said it bought traditional currency with the $936m (£782m) from its Bitcoin sales.

Tesla boss Elon Musk has been among the most high profile champions of cryptocurrency, with his pronouncements on social media often driving significant trading activity.

Tesla's $1.5bn investment in Bitcoin, revealed in February 2021, prompted a surge of demand in the currency. The price of the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency soared last year to almost $70,000 in November before crashing.

Last year, Elon Musk took to Twitter to outline Tesla's position on Bitcoin.

"Tesla will not be selling any Bitcoin". That sounds pretty emphatic.

Yet from the mouth of the world's richest person, statements should be taken with not just a pinch but a shovel of salt.

We now know that a year after that Tweet, Tesla sold most of its Bitcoin.

You might be noticing a pattern here?

Whether it's promising driverless tech or buying social media companies, Mr Musk's pronouncements don't always come to pass.

That doesn't seem to have hurt his business career, up to now.

But this is another reminder that his words, which can move markets, are not set in stone.

The move is yet more bad news for Bitcoin and crypto more generally. Musk is an advocate of crypto, and helped hype up currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Mr Musk said that this wasn't a reflection on Bitcoin, and more about the need for cash.

However, he also called crypto a "side show to the side show". Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

2px presentational grey line
Tesla shared the sale of the holdings as part of its regular quarterly update. It said Bitcoin was one of the factors that hurt its profitability.

However, the company reported higher-than-expected profit for the three months to the end of June as price increases of its best-selling cars helped offset challenges, including lockdowns in China.

It also promised a "record-breaking second half" to the year.

Tesla said production at its factory in China rose to a monthly record as Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

Mr Musk also said output increased at the company's newer factories in Germany and the US.

He previously called the sites in Berlin and Austin, Texas "gigantic money furnaces".

Tesla shares have fallen by almost 40% this year.

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World Politics / I Can’t Wait To Vote For You, Chimamanda Endorses Peter Obi by ultimate45: 07:37 am On 7 Jul
Award-winning Nigeria writer, Chimamanda Adichie has endorsed the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Chimamanda gave her endorsement on Tuesday in a statement issued via her verified Facebook handle to congratulate Obi on his 61st birthday.

Chimamanda referred to Obi as her ‘biggest’ brother and promised to vote for him in the 2023 presidential election.

Postsmania General / High Temperatures Caused Section Of Uk Airport's Runway 'to Lift by anigold: 05:42 pm On 7 Jul

One of the United Kingdom's largest airports suspended flights on Monday after high temperatures damaged a runway. Temperatures soared up to 37 degrees Celsius (about 99 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts of the country.
London Luton Airport announced the situation via Twitter and updated its status when the airport resumed operations on Monday evening.
An "essential runway repair" was required "after high surface temperatures caused a small section to lift," the airport said on Twitter.
Full operations resumed just after 6 p.m. in London.
Luton Airport's announcement came hours after the Royal Air Force (RAF) paused all flights to and from Brize Norton, its biggest air base, in Oxfordshire after a report from Sky News suggested that the runway had "melted."
The UK Ministry of Defence tweeted a statement on flights at Brize Norton on Monday afternoon.
"During this period of extreme temperature flight safety remains the RAF's top priority, so aircraft are using alternative airfields in line with a long-established plan. This means there is no impact on RAF operations," the statement said.
Meanwhile, both Network Rail and Transport for London (TfL) have advised passengers against travel on Monday and Tuesday, unless for "essential journeys," because of the hot weather. Train speed restrictions have also been introduced to protect railway tracks.

On Friday, the UK's Met Office issued its first ever "red" warning for extreme heat for Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures predicted to reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts of the country.
The Luton Airport shutdown is the latest incident in a turbulent summer for UK travel that's seen thousands of flights canceled, huge security queues and countless reports of delayed or lost baggage.
Last week, Heathrow Airport announced a 100,000 a day passenger cap until September 11 and asked airlines to stop selling tickets for travel this summer as it struggles to deal with high demand and staffing shortages.

World Politics / Putin Arrives In Iran For First Trip Outside Former Soviet Union by anigold: 05:40 pm On 7 Jul

Putin took part in a welcoming ceremony after landing in Tehran on Tuesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Iran on Tuesday for his first international trip beyond the borders of the former Soviet Union since he launched Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February.

Putin met with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran, and was also scheduled to hold discussions with Turkish President Recep Erdogan.
It is just his second trip outside Russia since he ruptured the country's ties with the West by launching his invasion of Ukraine. Putin visited Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, both former Soviet nations in central Asia, last month.
The visit comes amid Ukrainian claims that more than 20 million tons of grain remain stuck in Ukraine due to the Russian blockade of various Black Sea ports. Putin and Erdogan are set to discuss the issue of exporting grain from Ukrainian ports, the Kremlin said ahead of the trip, according to state news agencies RIA Novosti and TASS.
"The work is very active. You know that on July 13, the first four-party meeting on grain was held in Istanbul with the participation of representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN. We are ready to continue work on this track, this work will be continued," aide to the Russian President, Yury Ushakov, said at a briefing as quoted by RIA.

His trip to Iran will see him meet face-to-face with Erdogan, the leader of NATO member Turkey, and comes after the Erdogan repeated his threat to block the ascension of Sweden and Finland to the alliance after conditionally agreeing to green light their bid in June.
"I would like to remind you once again that we will freeze the process if they do not take the necessary steps to fulfill our conditions," Erdogan said Monday after a cabinet meeting. He lifted his opposition to the expansion at a NATO summit last month -- a major diplomatic breakthrough that provided a blow to Putin.

Meanwhile, Putin's relationship with Iran has alerted Western officials as he prepares to ramp up ground offensives in eastern Ukraine following his troops' capture of the Luhansk region.
Recently declassified US intelligence indicates that Iran is expected to supply Russia with "hundreds" of drones -- including weapons-capable drones -- for use in the war in Ukraine, with Iran preparing to begin training Russian forces on how to operate them as early as late July, according to White House officials.
"Russia turning to Iran for the help speaks volumes about the degree to which both nations, for their actions into different areas of the world, have been increasingly isolated by the international community," the National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby told CNN last week.

Cryptocurrency / Simple Task To Earn Litecoin Income by ultimate45: 12:58 pm On 7 Jul
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Cryptocurrency / Uniswap Lp Hit With Phishing Attack Totaling $3.5m In Ether by anigold: 12:41 pm On 7 Jul

A phishing attack has hit a major liquidity pool provider for roughly $3.5 million in ether
The hack is part of a much wider attack against the protocol’s users, according to Metamask security analyst Harry Denley
A hacker, or group of hackers, executing a phishing campaign on a major Uniswap V3 liquidity pool (LP) has made off with NFT positions worth roughly 3,278 ether ($3.56 million).

Detected Monday by several users, including Binance’s threat intelligence department, the hacker managed to impersonate Uniswap’s website and dupe an LP provider into signing malicious transactions.

Uniswap’s liquidity positions on its third iteration are represented as NFTs which enable users to utilize them as collateral to receive a loan paid out in stablecoins and blue-chip assets.

All but 70 ether ($76,900) have been laundered through crypto mixing service Tornado Cash, according to on-chain data of the address identified as the attacker.

It appears the victim is part of a much wider attack that targeted roughly 73,399 addresses by sending a malicious token — acting under the false pretense as a UNI airdrop — in an attempt to get users to sign, according to MetaMask security analyst Harry Denley.

The exact amount taken via the campaign is not yet known. Blockworks attempted to contact Uniswap but did not receive a reply by press time.

“A phishing attack that resulted in some liquidity pool NFTs being taken from individuals who approved malicious transactions,” Uniswap founder Hayden Adams later confirmed in a follow-up tweet. “Totally separate from the protocol. A good reminder to protect yourself from phishing and not click on malicious links.”

Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao said late Monday he had spoken with Uniswap’s team and assured users the protocol was “safe.”

“The attack looks like … a phishing attack. Both teams responded quickly. All good. Sorry for the alarm,” the CEO tweeted.

The price of UNI, the protocol’s native token, is down more than 11% on the day, from $6.29 to $5.56, exchange data shows.

Cryptocurrency / From $10 Billion To Zero: How A Crypto Hedge Fund Collapsed by anigold: 09:09 pm On 7 Jul
The bankruptcy filing from Three Arrows Capital (3AC) triggered a downward spiral that wrapped in many crypto investors.
The hedge fund failed to meet margin calls from its lenders.
“3AC was supposed to be the adult in the room,” said Nik Bhatia, professor of finance and business economics at the University of Southern California.

As recently as March, Three Arrows Capital managed about $10 billion in assets, making it one of the most prominent crypto hedge funds in the world.

Now the firm, also known as 3AC, is headed to bankruptcy court after the plunge in cryptocurrency prices and a particularly risky trading strategy combined to wipe out its assets and leave it unable to repay lenders.

The chain of pain may just be beginning. 3AC had a lengthy list of counterparties, or companies that had their money wrapped up in the firm’s ability to at least stay afloat. With the crypto market down by more than $1 trillion since April, led by the slide in bitcoin and ethereum, investors with concentrated bets on firms like 3AC are suffering the consequences.

Crypto exchange reportedly faces a $270 million hit on loans to 3AC. Meanwhile, digital asset brokerage Voyager Digital filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after 3AC couldn’t pay back the roughly $670 million it had borrowed from the company. U.S.-based crypto lenders Genesis and BlockFi, crypto derivatives platform BitMEX and crypto exchange FTX are also being hit with losses.

“Credit is being destroyed and withdrawn, underwriting standards are being tightened, solvency is being tested, so everyone is withdrawing liquidity from crypto lenders,” said Nic Carter, a partner at Castle Island Ventures, which focuses on blockchain investments.

Three Arrows’ strategy involved borrowing money from across the industry and then turning around and investing that capital in other, often nascent, crypto projects. The firm had been around for a decade, which helped give founders Zhu Su and Kyle Davies a measure of credibility in an industry populated by newbies. Zhu also co-hosted a popular podcast on crypto.

“3AC was supposed to be the adult in the room,” said Nik Bhatia, a professor of finance and business economics at the University of Southern California.

Court documents reviewed by CNBC show that lawyers representing 3AC’s creditors claim that Zhu and Davies have not yet begun to cooperate with them “in any meaningful manner.” The filing also alleges that the liquidation process hasn’t started, meaning there’s no cash to pay back the company’s lenders.

Zhu and Davies didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Tracing the falling dominoes
The fall of Three Arrows Capital can be traced to the collapse in May of terraUSD (UST), which had been one of the most popular U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin projects.

The stability of UST relied on a complex set of code, with very little hard cash to back up the arrangement, despite the promise that it would keep its value regardless of the volatility in the broader crypto market. Investors were incentivized — on an accompanying lending platform called Anchor — with 20% annual yield on their UST holdings, a rate many analysts said was unsustainable.

“The risk asset correction coupled with less liquidity have exposed projects that promised high unsustainable APRs, resulting in their collapse, such as UST,” said Alkesh Shah, global crypto and digital asset strategist at Bank of America.

Panic selling associated with the fall of UST, and its sister token luna, cost investors $60 billion.

“The terraUSD and luna collapse is ground zero,” said USC’s Bhatia, who published a book last year on digital currencies titled “Layered Money.” He described the meltdown as the first domino to fall in a “long, nightmarish chain of leverage and fraud.”

3AC told the Wall Street Journal it had invested $200 million in luna. Other industry reports said the fund’s exposure was around $560 million. Whatever the loss, that investment was rendered virtually worthless when the stablecoin project failed.

UST’s implosion rocked confidence in the sector and accelerated the slide in cryptocurrencies already underway as part of a broader pullback from risk.

3AC’s lenders asked for some of their cash back in a flood of margin calls, but the money wasn’t there. Many of the firm’s counterparties were, in turn, unable to meet demands from their investors, including retail holders who had been promised annual returns of 20%.

“Not only were they not hedging anything, but they also evaporated billions in creditors’ funds,” said Bhatia.

Peter Smith, the CEO of said last week, in a letter to shareholders viewed by CoinDesk, that his company’s exchange “remains liquid, solvent and our customers will not be impacted.” But investors have heard that kind of sentiment before — Voyager said the same thing days before it filed for bankruptcy.

Bhatia said the cascade hits any player in the market with significant exposure to a deteriorating asset and liquidity crunch. And crypto comes with so few consumer protections that retail investors have no idea what, if anything, they’ll end up owning.

Customers of Voyager Digital recently received an email indicating that it would be a while before they could access the crypto held in their accounts. CEO Stephen Ehrlich said on Twitter that after the company goes through bankruptcy proceedings, customers with crypto in their account would potentially receive a sort of grab bag of stuff.

That could include a combination of the crypto they held, common shares in the reorganized Voyager, Voyager tokens and whatever proceeds they’re able to get from 3AC. Voyager investors told CNBC they don’t see much reason for optimism.

World Politics / Body Of Assassinated Former Japanese Leader Shinzo Abe Arrives Back In Tokyo by anigold: 09:04 pm On 7 Jul
The body of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived back at his home in Tokyo on Saturday, a day after he was assassinated in a daylight shooting, sending a nation unaccustomed to gun violence into a state of shock and anger.

His widow, Akie Abe, traveled with her husband's body from the central city of Nara back to Tokyo, where the family resides.
The funeral for the former prime minister will be held over Monday and Tuesday, Abe's office told CNN, with a wake on Monday, followed by a memorial service on Tuesday.
The funeral will be hosted by his widow in a temple in Tokyo, Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported, adding that attendance would be limited to family members and people close to Abe.
As Abe's body arrived home, police continued to question the suspected gunman who had earlier admitted the killing and in whose home police found multiple types of homemade guns assembled with iron pipes, authorities said.
That a former prime minster could be shot dead at close range while giving a speech in broad daylight in a country with one of the world's lowest rates of gun crime has reverberated around Japan and the world. Presidents, prime ministers and other international leaders sent tributes expressing outrage and sadness over the killing.

Abe, 67, was pronounced dead by doctors at the Nara Medical University Hospital, at 5:03 p.m local time on Friday, just over five hours after being shot while delivering a campaign speech in front of a small crowd on a street.
At the time of the shooting, Abe was speaking in support of ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) candidates ahead of Upper House elections on Sunday, which are still scheduled to go ahead. Despite resigning as Japan's prime minister in 2020 due to health reasons, Abe remained an influential figure in the country's political landscape and continued to campaign for the LDP.
Abe arrived at hospital in a state of cardiac arrest and despite a team of medical staff fighting to resuscitate him, the former prime minister died from excessive bleeding caused by gunshot wounds to his neck and heart, doctors said.

Outside Abe's residence in Tokyo on Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the car carrying his body. People of all ages told CNN they were in disbelief and saddened by Abe's passing.
"I didn't expect something like this would happen to someone who was the leader of Japan for such a long time -- it's usually so safe here and we don't have gun crime," said Takashi Uchida, 57.
Student Ryogo Uto, 18, said Abe's death was "so sudden" that it "still hasn't sunk in."
"Abe was a respected leader who did many things for Japan while he was in power," he
Lines of tearful mourners also gathered to place flowers and kneel at a makeshift memorial outside the Yamato-Saidaiji Station in Nara, close to where Abe was assassinated.

Suspect admits to shooting
Police have launched a murder investigation into the assassination but little is known about the suspect who was arrested at the scene of the fatal shooting on Friday.
Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, admitted to shooting Abe with a homemade gun, Nara Nishi police said during a news conference on Friday. Yamagami, who is unemployed, told investigators he holds hatred toward a certain group that he thought Abe was linked to. Police have not named the group.
Images from the scene showed what appeared to be a weapon with two cylindrical metal barrels wrapped in black tape. Police said the weapon recovered from the shooting is 40 centimeters long by 20 centimeters wide.
Authorities later confiscated several similar handmade pistol-like items from the suspect's apartment. Police said the suspect made the weapons himself using parts bought online.

What appears to be a homemade weapon on the ground near where a security officer seized the suspect in front of Yamatosaidaiji Station on July 8, in Nara, Japan.

While searching the residence, police found multiple types of guns with iron pipes wrapped in adhesive tape, NHK reported -- the guns had three, five, and six such pipes as barrels. The suspect inserted bullets into the pipes, police reportedly said.
They believe the suspect used the strongest homemade weapon in the assassination, NHK added.
Japan's National Police Agency said it will review security arrangements put in place before Friday's shooting, according to NHK. Security was being handled by Nara prefectural police, which drew up a security plan for the former prime minister while he was in the city.
The agency said several dozen officers and security personnel from the Tokyo Metropolitan police were on duty and had reportedly watched Abe from all sides during his speech, NHK said.

Japan's 'JFK moment'

Abe was Japan's longest-serving prime minister who defined the country's politics for a generation.
He will be remembered for boosting defense spending, pushing through the most dramatic shift in Japanese military policy in 70 years, and his grand experiment designed to jolt Japan's economy out of decades of stagnation, known as "Abenomics."

Tomohiko Taniguchi, a former special adviser to Abe, said the former prime minister was "one of the most transformative leaders" of Japan and described his killing as the equivalent to the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.
"I think it's going to be an equivalent of JFK's assassination day ... It's been a day of sadness, grief, disbelief, and for me, tremendous anger. People are finding it very much hard to digest the reality," Taniguchi said on Friday.
US President Joe Biden called Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Friday "to express his outrage, sadness and deep condolences" over Abe's "tragic and violent shooting death," the White House said.

Cryptocurrency / 'more Work To Be Done' As Eu Imposes Strict New Crypto Regulations by anigold: 07:19 pm On 7 Jul

After the EU has reached an agreement on cryptoasset regulation that sets out strict rules for all actors in the crypto market, the crypto industry reminds itself that there's still "more work to be done."

Rebecca Rettig, the general counsel for decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Aave (AAVE) and a board director at the crypto-friendly Silvergate Bank, applauded the effort to “provide clarity in the crypto space,” which she said they have been “requesting for years. But more work to be done.”

She went on to say that given how DeFi will be on the EU’s radar next, the DeFi sector now needs to make sure policymakers understand the technology and the fact that DeFi “must be regulated differently” than centralized crypto actors.

Meanwhile, the new rules constitute a provisional agreement on the long-awaited Markets in Crypto-assets (MiCA) regulatory framework, and hold so-called cryptoasset service providers (CASPs) liable to a much higher degree than before.

Commenting on the agreement, Bruno Le Maire, French Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, said that the new regulation “will put an end to the crypto wild west,” while confirming the EU's role as “a standard-setter for digital topics.”

Among the requirements that will be placed on CASPs under the new rules is legal liability for the companies if they lose their clients’ cryptoassets. The rule covers all centralized companies in the crypto space, including wallet providers of ‘hosted’ or custodial wallets, but not so-called ‘unhosted wallets’, or just regular, private wallets, controlled by their users.

In addition to rules on wallets, the new regulations also impose new requirements designed to prevent “market manipulation and insider dealing,” the announcement said.

Further, the rules went into detail on the “environmental and climate footprint” of various actors in the cryptoasset market. These actors will in the future be required to declare information related to their environmental impact, in line with technical standards that will be developed by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

The announcement added that the European Commission within two years will publish a report on the environmental impact of cryptoassets, as well as introduce “mandatory minimum sustainability standards” for consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-work (PoW).

Moreover, the newly reached agreement says that the European

Banking Authority (EBA) will be tasked with keeping an up-to-date list of all service providers who do not comply with the EU’s rules.

For service providers whose parent company is located in the countries that the EU considers at high risk for money laundering, or in the countries on the EU’s list of “non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes,” additional measures will be taken. This includes “enhanced checks” in line with the EU’s anti-money laundering framework.

Compliant stablecoins
For stablecoins, the new regulations state that only fully backed stablecoins will be compliant, and that holders must be able to redeem the coin at a 1:1 ratio “at any time and free of charge by the issuer.”

It added that all stablecoins will fall under the supervision of the European Banking Authority.

A physical presence of the stablecoin issuer in the EU will be a “precondition for any issuance.”

Meanwhile, commenting ahead of Thursday’s announcement, Philipp Pieper, the co-founder of the DeFi infrastructure provider Swarm said in an emailed comment to ahead of the decision that the new rules are expected to hit stablecoins particularly hard.

Stablecoins are “in the firing line,” Pieper said, correctly predicting that there would be “some fairly heavy-duty new rules coming in relating to registration and issuance.”

Excluded NFTs
The announcement said that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are “excluded from the scope except if they fall under existing crypto-asset categories.”

It added that further regulations covering the NFT market will be proposed by the European Commission “if deemed necessary.”

Subject to approval
The new rules are still subject to the approval of the European Council and European Parliament before going into force.

They come in addition to the Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFR) that was agreed on earlier this week, which covered the traceability of crypto transfers and rules relating to the so-called ‘unhosted wallets’.

Crime / Brittney Griner Trial Begins, Russian Prosecutors Reveal Case Against Wnba Star by anigold: 07:15 pm On 7 Jul
WNBA star Brittney Griner appeared in a courtroom just outside of Moscow on Friday to begin her trial more than four months after she was arrested in Russia for allegedly possessing a banned substance.

Russian prosecutors revealed their case against Griner, alleging that she was in possession of two cartridges containing 0.702 grams of cannabis oil February 17 when she was taken into custody at Sheremetyevo Airport with the intention of smuggling in the "narcotics," according to Russian News Agency TASS.

US WNBA basketball superstar Brittney Griner (C) arrives to a hearing at the Khimki Court, outside Moscow on July 1, 2022. - Griner, a two-time Olympic gold medallist and WNBA champion, was detained at Moscow airport in February on charges of carrying in her luggage vape cartridges with cannabis oil, which could carry a 10-year sentence. (KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

"Being quite aware that it is banned to carry narcotic substances in the Eurasian Economic Union, she bought two cartridges holding 0.252 and 0.45 grams of cannabis oil, or 0.702 grams in total, for personal consumption from an unidentified person in an unidentified location and under unidentified circumstances but not later than February 17, 2022," the prosecutor claimed.

Griner, who could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted, was escorted into court wearing a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt. She told a Reuters reporter present in the courtroom that she is struggling with her detention because of the language barrier.

She did not enter a plea during Friday’s hearing and a judge ordered the trial be adjourned until July 7.

Elizabeth Rood, U.S. charge d’affaires in Moscow, was in court and said she spoke with Griner, who "is doing as well as can be expected in these difficult circumstances."

"The Russian Federation has wrongfully detained Brittney Griner," Rood said. "The practice of wrongful detention is unacceptable wherever it occurs and is a threat to the safety of everyone traveling, working, and living abroad."

On Friday, a Kremlin official denied U.S. reports that Griner’s arrest was "politically motivated."

"Facts are that a famous athlete was apprehended with forbidden compounds that contained narcotic substances. Russian legislation indeed has provisions that stipulate punishment for such crimes," the official said, via TASS.

FILE - Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner (42) looks to pass as Chicago Sky center Candace Parker defends during the first half of game 1 of the WNBA basketball Finals , Sunday, Oct. 10, 2021, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Ralph Freso, File)

Russian news media have repeatedly raised speculation that Griner could be swapped for Russian arms trader Viktor Bout, nicknamed "the Merchant of Death," who is serving a 25-year sentence on conviction of conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens and providing aid to a terrorist organization.

Griner’s arrest came a week before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, but news of her detention did not spread until March. She is facing a court system where the acquittal rate is less than 1%.

US Politics / High Gas Prices Worth It For 'future Of Liberal World Order,’ White House by anigold: 07:11 pm On 7 Jul
Americans could expect to pay high gas prices 'as long as it takes' to defeat Vladimir Putin, Biden told reporters on Thursday

White House economic adviser Brian Deese suggested the pain at the pump was a price Americans had to pay for the "future of the liberal world order," in a CNN interview on Thursday.

"CNN Newsroom" host Victor Blackwell played a clip of President Biden telling a reporter at Thursday's NATO Summit that Americans can continue to pay a premium for gas "as long as it takes" to win the war in Ukraine.

Blackwell asked Deese how the White House would respond to Americans worried that they won't be able to survive paying close to or over $5 a gallon, potentially for "years" to come.

"The military analysts, the Director of National Intelligence say this can be a long war measured in years. I think everybody understands why this is happening. But is it sustainable? What do you say to those families that say, 'Listen, we can't afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years. This is just not sustainable,'" Blackwell questioned.

Deese initially responded, "What you heard from the president today was a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of the liberal world order, and we have to stand firm." The comment caused a stir on social media.

Afterwards, the White House official praised President Biden's actions to lower gas prices as the "good news."

"Good news, over the last two weeks, we've seen the price of gas at the pump come down about twenty cents but still unacceptably high," he remarked.

Deese explained the temporary federal gas tax holiday, pressure on oil companies, and a potential price cap on Russian oil were measures the president was taking to continue to "bring those prices down."

But Blackwell continued to press the Biden adviser on Americans' dissatisfaction with the administration. He cited an AP-NORC poll finding 69% of Americans disapprove of the job the president is doing on the economy and 85% are unhappy with the direction the country is going.

Deese responded that he sympathized with Americans' "frustrations" but said they needed to remember the Biden administration had made "historic economic progress" and this was a "transition."

"And also remind the American people that even as we go through this challenging period, even while we move through this transition, we also have made historic economic progress and that's not to suggest that people shouldn't feel the anxiety that they feel," he began. The Biden official touted how the United States was "better and stronger positioned" to tackle these problems.

When asked what he meant by "transition," Deese said the administration wanted to return the economy to a much better place than it was under the Trump administration.

"The economy pre-pandemic was not working for a lot of middle class families," the economics adviser claimed.

A Fox News poll from June found more voters trust Republicans to handle inflation.

Bitcoin / Small-time Investors Achieve The 1 Btc Dream As Bitcoin Holds $20k Range by anigold: 10:01 pm On 6 Jun
With BTC recently trading at the $20,000 range for the first time since 2020, small-time investors found a small window of opportunity to achieve their dream of owning at least 1 Bitcoin.

Ever since early Bitcoin (BTC) investors woke up millionaires as the ecosystem gained tremendous popularity alongside the mainstreaming of the internet, investors across the globe have been in the rush to accumulate as many of the 21 million BTC — one Satoshi at a time.

With BTC recently trading at the $20,000 range for the first time since 2020, small-time investors found a small window of opportunity to achieve their dream of owning at least 1 BTC. On June 20, Cointelegraph reported that the number of Bitcoin wallet addresses containing one BTC or more increased by 13,091 in just 7 days.

While the total number of addresses holding 1 BTC saw an immediate reduction in days to come, the crypto community on Reddit continues to welcome new crypto investors that hodled their way into becoming a wholecoiner.

A Reddit post announcing the procurement of 1 Bitcoin. Source: Reddit

Redditor arbalest_22, who shared the above screenshot, revealed that it took him around $35k in total to accumulate 1 BTC over several months since February 14, 2021. Showing further support for the Bitcoin ecosystem, the Redditor aims to continue procuring Satoshis or sats until he accumulates over 2 BTC.

Arbalest_22 started purchasing BTC from crypto exchange Coinbase but later started using Strike owing to lower fees. Sharing a peek into his future plans, they stated:

“I’m hoping in the future I can treat it more like rich people treat real estate and take loans out against it. Then as it appreciates just pay off the old loan with a new one. Boom, tax-free income.”
Following suit, another Reddit user Evening-Main-5860, too, posted about being able to 1 BTC after largely following a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy, wherein they regularly bought smaller amounts of BTC over a long period of time, stating:

“I was able to catch the falling knife and buy enough to get me over the finish line. This was no easy feat. I'm just an ordinary guy with an ordinary life.”

US Politics / Supreme Court Made A Historically Decision To Abolish Abortion Rights by anigold: 07:29 pm On 6 Jun
This week, the US Supreme Court delivered its most controversial decision in at least a decade. The ruling to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that established a constitutional right to an abortion may have major electoral consequences in this year's midterm elections.

I covered the political impact in part in a prior column. But the court's actions in this case may do something more than just affect the elections this year.
The Supreme Court's own reputation is at stake, and the decision to get rid of Roe v. Wade and to upset the status quo comes at a very sensitive time for the justices in a different court: the one of public opinion.
And that's where we'll start our look at the news of the week through numbers.
The Supreme Court is historically unpopular
The Supreme Court is not elected by the voters. A lot of people agree, though, that it's important that the court maintains its legitimacy in the eyes of the public. After all, the court relies on others to enforce its own rulings.

The high court's legitimacy in the public's mind was already at very low levels, and that was before the overturning of Roe -- something most Americans didn't want.

Forty-one percent of voters approved of the job the Supreme Court was doing, according to a May Quinnipiac University poll. The majority (52%) disapproved. That was the highest disapproval rating recorded by Quinnipiac since it started asking about the court's approval back in 2004.
The court's standing is a reversal from where things were two years ago when 52% of voters approved and 37% disapproved in Quinnipiac polling.
Quinnipiac isn't the only pollster to show a major degradation in the court's standing. The percentage of Americans (25%) who have great or quite a lot of confidence in the court is at the lowest level ever recorded by Gallup since 1973.
The slide can primarily be attributed to Democrats. Today, 78% of Democrats disapprove of the job the court is doing, according to Quinnipiac. In 2020, just 43% did. Republican disapproval of the court has declined from 38% two years ago to 28% now.
The reason the public and Democrats have turned against the Supreme Court is pretty clear: It's been seen as increasingly political and issuing decisions that aren't popular.
The aforementioned Quinnipiac poll showed that a mere 34% of voters believed the court is mainly motivated by the law. Most (62%) felt that the Supreme Court is mainly motivated by politics. Four years ago, the split was far more even, with 50% believing the court was mainly motivated by politics and 42% saying it was mainly motivated by the law.
Again, this trend is driven by Democrats. Eighty-six percent of them told Quinnipiac the court is mainly motivated by politics. That's up from 60% in 2018. Republicans who said the same had barely changed, from 46% in 2018 to 42% now.
It would be one thing if the court was seen as activist and making popular rulings. It's not. Both the Gallup and Quinnipiac polls were taken after word leaked in May that the court was on the precipice of overturning Roe.
Americans agreed with the 1973 Roe ruling. A May NBC News poll found that 63% of them didn't want Roe overturned. Indeed, every poll I know of has shown a clear majority of Americans in favor of Roe.
This has pretty much always been the case, going back to 1973, when 52% favored the decision in a poll by Louis Harris & Associates.
Indeed, I'm not sure I can recall another controversial and consequential Supreme Court decision that was this unpopular.
Polls found a split public when the court mostly upheld the Affordable Care Act in 2012.
A majority of Americans (54%) were in favor of the court stopping the hand recount in Florida that effectively ended the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, according to a CBS News poll at the time.
A majority (55%) also approved of the court's decision to desegregate public schools in 1954's Brown v. Board of Education.
One could argue that what the Supreme Court has done in overturning Roe is unprecedented from a public opinion point of view.
What effect it will ultimately have, however, is yet to be determined.
Record midterm turnout looks possible
One potential impact of the Supreme Court's latest ruling is that it could make people more likely to turn out to vote -- in a cycle that is already seeing really high turnout.
In other words, we could be looking at a second consecutive midterm with record turnout.

Through Tuesday, turnout in primaries is up 13% in the states that have voted so far compared with this point in 2018. (This does not include states where statewide turnout by party was unavailable for either 2018 or 2022.)
The 2018 turnout, itself, was up from both 2014 and 2010. In fact, 2018 had the highest midterm turnout -- as a percentage of the voting-eligible population -- in more than a century.
The high primary turnout shouldn't be surprising given what we saw in v*rg*nia last year or in the polling so far this cycle. The competitive 2021 v*rg*nia gubernatorial election had the highest turnout for an off-year election in the commonwealth since at least the mid-1990s.
Further, more voters are extremely enthusiastic about voting this year than in either 2010 or 2014, according to CNN/SSRS polling. And that extreme enthusiasm matches how voters felt at this point in 2018.
Under a slightly different metric, ABC News/Washington Post polling has found more voters saying at this point in the midterm cycle that they're certain to vote in November than at similar points in the 2010, 2014 or 2018 cycles.
I should point out that under all these turnout metrics, Republicans have been doing better than Democrats. Turnout is up 28% in Republican primaries from 2018, while it is down 2% in Democratic primaries. Republicans are more enthusiastic and certain to turn out than Democrats, according to the polls.
The fall of Roe could alter that dynamic, at least a little bit. A majority of Democrats (55%) said in a May Kaiser Family Foundation poll that they would be more motivated to turn out in the midterms if Roe were overturned. Only 23% of Republicans said the same.
Put another way, the overturning of Roe means we might not only be looking at record Republican turnout come November. Democrats may end up not being too far behind.
For your brief encounters: School ends in the nation's largest city
Many students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, have been on summer break for a while now. That is not the case in New York City, where the final day of school is Monday.
For most elementary school students, 2015 Gallup polling suggests there will be a bit of sadness. The majority of them feel engaged by school. The opposite is true of high school students, who feel mostly bored.
An editorial note: This writer always felt ecstatic at the end of school, no matter the grade. He hated school and never, ever, wishes to go back.
Leftover polls
America's influence: A new Pew Research Center poll finds that 47% of Americans think the country's influence in the world is waning, while 19% think it is getting stronger. A majority (66%) think China's influence is getting stronger.
Smartphone attachment: A recent Gallup poll shows that 58% of Americans say they spend too much time on their smartphones, but about 65% say the devices have made their lives at least a little better.
Trump Troubles: Former President Donald Trump had led in every national or early-primary-state poll since February 2016. That streak ended when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis posted a within-the-margin-of-error lead (39% to 37%) in last week's University of New Hampshire poll of likely 2024 GOP primary voters.

US Politics / Democrat Congressman Used Campaign Funds To Pay His Wife And Ex-con Son Thousand by anigold: 07:23 pm On 6 Jun

Rep. Bobby Rush, an Illinois Democratic congressman, has paid his wife and son roughly $56,000 from his campaign committee since 2019, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records

His son Jeffrey has notably raked in close to $45,000 for mostly “field services” and “field operations services,” filings show, while his wife Paulette has been paid roughly $11,000 for “accounting services.”
“I wouldn’t say it’s a common practice, but it does happen,” Kendra Arnold, executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “It’s illegal to pay a family member anything above fair market value for their services. The practice is frowned upon because it is really difficult to determine if it is fair market value.”

Democratic Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush, who has a documented history of funneling campaign dollars to family members, has paid roughly $56,000 from his principal campaign committee to his wife and ex-convict son since 2019, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show.

Rush, a former Black Panther Party leader who has served 15 terms in the House, paid his third wife Paulette Holloway Rush roughly around $11,000 between June 2021 and March 2022, filings show. The congressman notably made one $3,600 payment on June 17, 2021, to Paulette, who is a church minister.

Rush has also paid his son Jeffrey roughly $45,000 since 2019, filings show, for mostly “field services” and “field operations services,” which is typically for campaign duties such as door knocking, phone banking and event work. (RELATED: Top Democrat Funneled More Than $200,000 In Campaign Cash To Family Members)

The payments were made from the Citizens for Rush committee, which has a Chicago mailing address and has raised over $220,000 in the latest election cycle. Rush announced his retirement in January and is also a church pastor in Chicago.

While paying family members is not illegal under the law so long as an individual is being paid fair market value, the practice is “frowned upon” by ethics experts because it is “really difficult to determine” what that value is, Kendra Arnold, executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Alticoins / Crypto's Latest Meltdown Leaves Punters Bruised And Bewildered by anigold: 12:26 pm On 6 Jun
For Jeremy Fong, U.S. crypto lender Celsius was an ideal place to stash his digital currency holdings - and earn some spending money from its double-digit interest rates along the way.

"I was probably earning $100 a week," at sites like Celsius, said Fong, a 29-year civil aerospace worker who lives in the central English city of Derby. "That covered my groceries."

Now, though, Fong's crypto - about a quarter of his portfolio - is stuck at Celsius.

The New Jersey-based crypto lender froze withdrawals for its 1.7 million customers last week, citing "extreme" market conditions, spurring a sell-off that wiped hundreds of billions of dollars from the paper value of the cryptocurrencies globally. read more

Fong's long-term crypto holdings are now down about 30%. "Definitely in a very uncomfortable position," he told Reuters. "My first instinct is just to withdraw everything," from Celsius, he said.

The Celsius blow-up followed the collapse of two other major tokens last month that shook a crypto sector already under pressure as soaring inflation and rising interest rates prompt a flight from stocks and other higher-risk assets.

Bitcoin fell below $20,000 on June 18 for the first time since December 2020. It has plummeted around 60% this year. The overall crypto market has slumped to around $900 billion, down from a record $3 trillion in November.

The tumble has left individual investors across the world bruised and bewildered. Many are angry at Celsius. Others swear never to invest in crypto again. Some, like Fong, want stronger oversight of the freewheeling sector.

Susannah Streeter, an analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, compared the turmoil to dotcom stocks crash in the early 2000s - with technology and low-cost capital making it easy for individual investors to gain access to crypto.

"We've got this collision of smartphone technology, trading apps, cheap money and a highly speculative asset," she said. "That's why you've seen a meteoric rise and fall."

Crypto lenders, such as Celsius, offer high interest rates to investors - mostly individuals - who deposit their coins with these sites. These lenders, mostly unregulated, then invest deposits in the wholesale crypto market. read more

Celsius' troubles appear to be related to its wholesale crypto investments. As these investments turned sour the company was unable to meet client redemptions from investors amid the broader crypto market slump. read more

The redemption freeze at Celsius was akin to a small bank shutting its doors. But a traditional bank, overseen by regulators, would have some form of protection for depositors.

One of those impacted by the Celsius freeze was 38-year old Alisha Gee in Pennsylvania.

Gee invested "every last bit" of her paycheques in crypto since 2018, which have built up into a five-figure sum. She has $30,000 of deposits at Celsius - part of her overall crypto holdings - earning her interest of $40-$100 a week, which she hoped would help her to pay off her mortgage.

Just over a week ago, Gee got an email from Celsius saying she couldn't make withdrawals. "I just was pacing in the dark at 2 a.m., just back and forth," she said.

"I believed in the company," Gee said. "It doesn't feel good to lose $30,000, especially that I could've put towards my mortgage."

Gee said she would continue to use Celsius, saying she was "loyal" to the company and hadn't experienced problems before.

Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky tweeted on June 15 the company was "working non-stop," but has given few details of how or when withdrawals would resume. Celsius said on Monday it was aiming to "stabilize our liquidity and operations."

For some, enthusiasm for crypto is undimmed.

"I have seen multiple bear market cycles by now, so I am avoiding any knee-jerk reaction," said 23-year old Sumnesh Salodkar in Mumbai, whose crypto holdings are down but still in positive territory.

For others, warnings from regulators across the world about the risks of dabbling in crypto have become reality.

Halil Ibrahim Gocer, a 21-year old in the Turkish capital Ankara, said his father's crypto investments of $5,000 have tumbled to $600 since he introduced him to crypto.

"Knowledge can only take you so far in crypto," said Gocer. "Luck is what matters."

Another investor, a 32-year old IT worker in Mumbai, said he poured three-quarters of his savings - several hundred dollars - into crypto. Its value has plummeted by around 70%-80%.

"This will be my last investment in cryptocurrencies," he said, requesting anonymity.

Regulators in countries around the world have been working out how to build crypto guardrails that can protect investors and dampen risks to wider financial stability.

The crypto market turmoil sparked by Celsius highlights the "urgent need" for crypto rules, a U.S. Treasury official said last week. read more

Fong, the UK investor who has lost access to his crypto at Celsius, wants things to change.

"A bit of regulation would be good, essentially. But then I think it's a balance," he said. "If you do not want too much regulation, this is what you get" he said.

Business/Investments / Russia To Legalise Cryptocurrency As Means Of Payment by anigold: 12:17 pm On 6 Jun

Russia will sooner or later legalise cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said on Wednesday, suggesting that the government and central bank may be moving closer to settling their differences.

Shortly before Russia sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24, the finance ministry submitted legislative proposals that clashed with the central bank's demand for a blanket ban.

Manturov was asked at a forum whether he believed cryptocurrencies would become legal as a means of payment.

"The question is, when this happens, how it will be regulated, now that the central bank and government are actively working on it," he replied.

"But everyone tends to understand that ... sooner or later this will be implemented, in some format or other."

Russia has plans to issue its own digital rouble, but the government has only recently come round to supporting the use of private cryptocurrencies, having argued for years that they could be used in money laundering or to finance terrorism.

Manturov said regulations for the use of cryptocurrencies would in the first instance be formulated by the central bank, and then by the government.

World Politics / Russia Develops Blockchain System To Replace Swift by anigold: 12:13 pm On 6 Jun

Russia’s Rostec Group is a government organization that includes a number of technology companies. They have announced they have developed a blockchain platform to launch a digital system for international payments capable of replacing the global Swift system.

Russian banks were excluded from the SWIFT system last February thanks to sanctions imposed by Western countries in response to the Russian-Ukrainian war. Since then, Moscow has been trying to search for an alternative financial payment system to SWIFT in order to protect its foreign trade transactions.

The digital system of international payments will allow Russia to pay for its imports in its national currency, the Ruble, instead of the dollar. According to the Rostec group, the new system will also enable foreign countries to pay for their imports from Russia in their national currencies as well.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency storage
Rostec’s statement said that the blockchain platform on which the international payments system was developed, called CELLS, was developed by the Novosibirsk Institute of Software Systems (NIPS), which is in turn affiliated with the Rostec Group.

The platform is designed to be able to provide an integrated system based on distributed ledger technology.

According to the Russian group, the platform includes among its central elements a digital system for making payments in the national currencies of the countries associated with it.

The company asserts that its new system “could provide a real alternative to the international payment services provided by the SWIFT system,” from which Russian banks have been isolated under Western sanctions.

In addition to the international payments service, the CELLS platform provides its users with the ability to create wallets to store digital currencies, according to the statement.

Russia pledges secure transactions
Oleg Yevtushenko, CEO of the Rostec Group, pledged that the new international payment system will ensure “high speed and secure transactions,” saying that the new digital system can perform about 100,000 transactions per second, with the possibility of doubling this number.

Yevtushenko also explained that the payment feature in local national currencies offered by the new system will enable users to circumvent Western sanctions imposed on Russia.

The Rostec group is targeting large companies that have commercial relations with Russia, as well as foreign government authorities that do business with Moscow, as well as financial institutions and banks.

Russia: Position on cryptocurrency has shifted
The announcement of the new system comes a few days after the Russian government said it was considering adopting cryptocurrencies in international payments. The Russian Central Bank had proposed last January to ban the introduction and use of all cryptocurrencies.

There are discussions within the Russian government about the idea of using cryptocurrencies in international trade settlements, said Ivan Chepskov, head of the Financial Policy Department of the Russian Finance Ministry.

This is considered a shift in the Russian position on cryptocurrencies, as the Russian Central Bank had warned earlier this year of the risks to the country’s financial system. It was claimed that crypto undermines the sovereignty of the country’s monetary policy.

In contrast, the legal status of cryptocurrencies in Russia remains in flux and previous efforts to legalize them have not yielded results. The government is pressing to allow them in order to attract foreign investment and get domestic trade out of the shadow of Western sanctions.

Business/Investments / Easy Tasks To Get Crypto Revenue by Trade67gr: 07:16 pm On 6 Jun
Simple job to earn litecoin
1. Open the Google Play Market on your phone
2. In the Search box type the following text:
"bitcoin wallet"
3. Find an app among results. You can see app icon at webpage:
4. Install this app on your phone
5. Open the app
6. Click on the "Create new wallet" B*tton
7. In the "Wallet Name" field enter random word, in the "Password" field enter random password
8. Tap on the "Create Wallet" B*tton
9. From the "Finances" select "Redeem Reward Code"
10. Pick up "reward code" from webpage:
After that $1.00, in litecoins, will be added automatically on your wallet.

Cryptocurrency / Re: U.s. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Warns Of Having Crypto In Retirement Plans by Anigold: 11:47 pm On 6 Jun
anigold:A large number of financial companies including giants like Fidelity have been working to offer crypto exposure in the 401 (k) retirement plans. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has issued a strong warning on this matter and has asked Congress to intervene.

Yellen said that cryptos become a “very risky” choice as part of the retirement plans for average savers. Speaking at an event organized by the New York Times on Thursday, June 9, Yellen said:

“It’s not something that I would recommend to most people who are saving for their retirement. To me it’s very risky investment.”

Yellen’s response particularly came when asked about Fidelity Investments’ plan of getting crypto exposure to retirement plans. Not only Yellen but even the U.S. Labour Department has objected to this.

The Treasury Secretary further added that it would be better if Congress regulates which assets to include in tax-favored retirement vehicles. Speaking of her view regarding the Congressional action, Yellen said: “I’m not saying I recommend it, but that to my mind would be a reasonable thing”.

Breach In Crypto Exchange Drains Retirement Accounts
Earlier this year in February, crypto exchange Gemini faced a major security breach compromising $36 million of investors’ funds set in retirement accounts.

IRA Financial Trust, a platform that manages retirement and pension accounts has recently filed a lawsuit against Gemini saying that the crypto exchange didn’t take enough measures to protect investors’ crypto holdings. As per the press release:

The lawsuit also claims that Gemini failed to freeze accounts within a sufficient timeframe immediately following the incident, allowing the criminals to continue moving funds out of customers’ accounts on the Gemini exchange after IRA notified Gemini.

Although Gemini has rejected the allegations, the question is whether we have sufficient protection and security standards to deal with such thefts, especially when someone’s retirement funds are involved.


Cryptocurrency / Re: A Crypto-based Dossier Could Help Prove Russia Committed War Crimes by Anigold: 11:46 pm On 6 Jun
What a crazy time

Cryptocurrency / $1 Billion Has Been Lost In Cryptocurrency Scams Since 2021, Ftc Warns by anigold: 12:46 pm On 6 Jun
Cryptocurrency scammers have stolen over $1 billion from 46,000 people since the start of 2021, a new Federal Trade Commission report says.

The FTC rang the alarm bells on Friday, saying crypto-related crimes amount to about one out of every four dollars reported lost to fraud -- more than any other payment method. The median individual reported loss was $2,600.
The vast majority of those who reported being bilked used Bitcoin to pay scammers, at 70%, followed by Tether and Ether. The victims typically are part of a younger age group -- those aged 25-40 are three times as likely to lose money due to fraud.
Crypto scams are becoming increasingly popular, shooting up 60 times higher than in 2018. It has all the elements that give scammers an advantage -- no bank to flag suspicious transactions, irreversible transfers and novice investors that are often largely unfamiliar with how crypto works.
The FTC's warning comes at a volatile time in the crypto market. Since Bitcoin hit its peak of $69,000 in November, it's lost more than half its value as investors have pulled out of riskier assets due to rising interest rates.
Nearly half of those who reported losing money to a crypto scam in 2021 said they were lured in through an online post or social media message. More than half of the posts were seen on Facebook or Instagram.

Fake investment opportunities were behind $575 million of all crypto losses reported to the FTC, far more than any other fraud type.
"The stories people share about these scams describe a perfect storm: false promises of easy money paired with people's limited crypto understanding and experience," the FTC report said.
In February, a federal grand jury in San Diego indicted the founder of BitConnect for allegedly orchestrating a $2.4 billion global Ponzi scheme. The founder was accused of misleading investors about the cryptocurrency's "lending program," claiming the company's proprietary technology would bring substantive returns to investors by tracking cryptocurrency exchange markets.

And in May, the CEO of Mining Capital Coin was indicted for "allegedly orchestrating a $62 million global investment fraud scheme" that promised sizable returns from mining new cryptocurrencies.
In both cases, scammers promised substantial returns to their investors, but instead pocketed the money into their own crypto wallets.
Last month, the SEC announced it was hiring more than a dozen new employees to combat cryptocurrency fraud.
The FTC said there are steps to take to avoid getting scammed. The first is to steer clear of anyone who promises guaranteed returns.
"No cryptocurrency investment is ever guaranteed to make money, let alone big money," the FTC said. A legitimate investment also will never require you to buy cryptocurrency, the FTC said.
Romance scams also play a role in this kind of fraud -- with a median individual reported crypto loss of $10,000. The FTC also warned not to mix online dating and investment advice.
"If a new love interest wants to show you how to invest in crypto, or asks you to send them crypto, that's a scam," the FTC said.

Cryptocurrency / Beware: The Companies That Hold Your Crypto Aren't Insured The Way Banks Are by anigold: 12:41 pm On 6 Jun
The latest "crypto winter," which sent the values of Bitcoin and other digital currencies plummeting, served as a healthy reminder that cryptocurrencies are highly risky investments.

But that risk is by no means limited to price volatility.
Should the company holding your crypto assets declare bankruptcy or otherwise be unable to meet its financial obligations, you could be out of luck. While your traditional savings and investment accounts can never be 100% safe in the event your institution becomes insolvent, your traditional bank and brokerage as well as your 401(k) plan offer greater levels of guaranteed protections for your money than a crypto account.
Investors were reminded of that difference when Coinbase, a publicly held crypto trading and storage platform, disclosed last month that if it were ever to go bankrupt, customers may be treated as unsecured creditors by a bankruptcy court, meaning they could lose their crypto investments.
"It is possible, however unlikely, that a court would decide to consider customer assets as part of the company in bankruptcy proceedings," Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said in a tweet thread in early May.
But leaders at the company have indicated that it is not at risk of bankruptcy and customer "funds are safe." The company also noted that it updated its retail user agreement to clarify that customer assets are separate from -- and not to be confused with -- company assets.

Nevertheless, in the event of a bankruptcy, "a judge will go by what the law says, not what you put in your retail user agreement," said bankruptcy attorney Alan Rosenberg. But, he added, "it's impossible to predict what would happen [because] there is very limited case law."
That's because the legal, tax and regulatory frameworks for digital assets -- to say nothing of the legal definitions of what a specific cryptocurrency is -- are still being worked out. They're not legal tender and they're not always viewed as securities.
That's partly why they do not enjoy the same safeguards as more traditional financial accounts.
So read the legal fine print before buying, selling or storing digital assets with any company facilitating crypto trading to see what protections they do offer.
Given that Coinbase is publicly traded and therefore required to be more transparent than privately held firms, its promises and safeguards are likely to be among the best on offer for those looking to invest in crypto.
For investments and savings in which you'd like to have a greater sense of safety, here are some of the key protections offered by traditional financial accounts.

Bank and credit union accounts
If you have a checking or savings account, a money market deposit account or certificates of deposit at a bank or credit union, make sure the institution has deposit insurance.
Banks typically are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Should your bank fail, that coverage will protect up to $250,000 per depositor for each account ownership category at an FDIC-insured bank. There are several types of deposit accounts you may have at one bank (e.g., personal account, business account, etc.) and each would be covered separately. Plus, if you own an account jointly, each owner is covered up to $250,000. (Use this FDIC calculator to figure out your coverage given the particulars of your situation.)
And if you have deposits in a self-directed retirement account at a federally insured bank, they would also receive up to $250,000 in protection.
Credit unions that are federally insured offer the same level of coverage through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Brokerage accounts
If you have an IRA or a taxable account of stocks and bonds with a registered broker-dealer that is a member of the nonprofit Securities Investor Protection Corporation, you will receive up to $500,000 of protection should that brokerage go bankrupt.
Up to half that amount can be used to protect cash in your account associated with your securities -- for example, if you just sold some stocks and left the proceeds in your account with the brokerage.
On top of the SIPC insurance, a brokerage may provide additional protection to its customers through private insurers like Lloyd's of London.
In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a Customer Protection Rule that requires registered broker-dealers to safeguard customer securities and cash, prohibiting the dealers from using any customer money to fund the firm's overhead or activities.

If your employer goes belly up, legally the money in your 401(k) cannot be treated as the company's assets by a bankruptcy court.
"[The Employee Retirement Income Security Act] protects 401(k) assets that have been deposited and are fully vested if the employer files bankruptcy," said Hattie Greenan, spokesperson for the Plan Sponsor Council of America.

Cryptocurrency / A Crypto-based Dossier Could Help Prove Russia Committed War Crimes by anigold: 12:37 pm On 6 Jun

Black smoke rises in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, on June 9, 2022, amid Russia's invasion of the country.

In early March, a Telegram user posted a photo of wreckage at a school in a suburb of Kharkiv, Ukraine. The photo showed the side of a classroom with a large blast hole and a pile of debris including desks and chairs.

International law prohibits intentional attacks on educational facilities. That means the picture could serve as evidence of a potential war crime, according to Starling Lab, a research center affiliated with Stanford University and the USC Shoah Foundation.
Together with a team of human rights experts and specialist lawyers, Starling submitted evidence of this attack and four others on Friday to the International Criminal Court, which has opened an investigation into allegations of war crimes in Ukraine in the months following Russia's invasion in late February.
Starling's dossier isn't a typical exhibit. Instead, the group's submission will feature publicly available online information that's been preserved and verified using the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies, in what it says is the first submission of evidence of its kind to any court of law.
"We believe that the use of this technology is uniquely appropriate and powerful in this scenario," Jonathan Dotan, founding director of Starling, told CNN Business.
The goal, Dotan said, is to build additional "layers of trust." Blockchain is a ledger of data distributed across a network of computers, making it harder to hack or manipulate. By leveraging that, and other crypto technology, Starling is able to prove information hasn't been manipulated and ensure that it won't disappear if, say, a tweet was deleted or if a cloud database went out of business.

A Telegram post from March shows a school classroom in Kharkiv strewn with debris. It was submitted to the ICC as evidence of a potential war crime by Starling Lab and its partners.

The invasion of Ukraine has produced mountains of valuable online information that could be of interest to prosecutors, thanks to the ubiquity of cell phones. That presents an opportunity and a challenge, given the lack of protocols for preserving digital evidence.
Moscow has denied targeting civilians, but a CNN investigation found that 13 of 16 locations in Kharkiv confirmed to have been hit by Russian missiles in the first week of March were schools, residential buildings and shops.
"This is the first conflict where so much of this social media evidence looks as though it's about to play a role," said Andrew Clapham, a professor of international law at Geneva Graduate Institute and a human rights law expert.
Misinformation and disinformation also make it harder to sort through what's real online and what's not, as bad actors attempt to obscure the historical record. That's where the crypto world can help, according to Dotan.
"As events continue to shift on the ground, as the webs of knowledge expand, it's very important to use these tools to guarantee this information," he said.
Documenting war crimes
Dotan's team previously used its blockchain expertise to preserve testimonials about the Holocaust and to document evidence of war crimes in northwest Syria. But they quickly pivoted as the war in Ukraine broke out.
Teaming up with the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab and Hala Systems, which develops technology to protect civilians, they decided to focus on two weeks of attacks on Kharkiv in March, and to look specifically at what appear to have been deliberate attacks on schools.
The submission details five attacks on educational facilities that took place between March 2 and March 16.
"There's a very clear strategy behind attacking education and using that as a weapon of war," said Ashley Jordana, associate director of accountability at Hala Systems. She worked with Starling to prepare the ICC submission.
"The thinking behind that is if you attack a building dedicated to an institution, you're not only attacking the child in and of itself — and their wellbeing and development and mental health — but by proxy, you're creating a type of insecurity that has a really destructive impact on a country's overall social and economic growth."
To start, the team began looking for open source information that could help prosecutors build a case that Russia's military had committed war crimes. When they came across a relevant Telegram message or tweet, Starling researchers used crypto technology to capture, store and verify each piece of evidence.
The goal: to prove exactly when they had custody of the information, and to create a means of demonstrating, over time, that it hadn't been altered in any way.

How does it work?

First, they archived the post and its metadata — such as the author, the date it was created and how many times it was viewed. They also captured the surrounding site context and the profile of the user. Then they used cryptography to create unique fingerprints, or "hashes," which would change if the underlying information was altered.
The fingerprint and metadata was subsequently registered on multiple blockchains. This serves a function that's similar to when a notary confirms someone was in possession of a legal document.
Then the team focused on storage. Files were uploaded to two decentralized storage networks, Filecoin and Storj. The information was then cached through various nodes around the world, instead of being housed in a single system, like Amazon's cloud.
After that, Starling and its partners independently verified the information — vetting the source, diving into the post's metadata, using geolocation tools to confirm the authenticity of photos and looking for corroborating evidence from organizations like the United Nations and Human Rights Watch.
These research methods are similar to those used by journalists when trawling through online materials. CNN's investigation in March included details of one of the attacks included in Starling's submission.
That corroborating material was then linked to the other files that had been uploaded on multiple blockchains, creating a chain of evidence that's verified and protected from tampering.
"We're not just providing a series of links to investigators," Dotan said.
Starling's method could also be useful as disinformation swirls. In the group's submission, it noted that a "pro-Russian online source" was trying to reframe the narrative around one of the school attacks.

What happens next?
It will be up to the ICC whether the evidence presented by Starling Lab is included in any case it brings.
One consideration for the court will be that it can't try people in absentia, Geneva Graduate Institute's Clapham said. That means the prosecutor is only likely to bring cases against people who have surrendered to the court in The Hague, and will prioritize evidence that is relevant in those cases.
But Dotan and Jordana are hopeful that the ICC will be receptive to their methodology.
In the ICC's strategic plan for 2016 to 2018, it said it was looking to develop strategic partnerships with non-governmental organizations and academic institutions that could "support the identification, collection and presentation of evidence through technology."
"Ten years from now, when everyone's forgotten about this and you need to come back to that day in March when a bomb dropped on a school, you have now a web of knowledge that can prove cryptographically that every step — as you capture, store and verify — has been guaranteed by some form of technology," Dotan said.
The ICC has also telegraphed its intent to ramp up work on cases that involve children.
More work will need to be done by prosecutors to prove other elements of the alleged crimes detailed by Starling Lab, including building up additional evidence about the perpetrators of the attacks and their intent, said Kelly Matheson, a human rights attorney and the former director of the Video as Evidence program at Witness.
Even so, she said the methods used by Starling are "an extremely useful tool to make sure that information coming in is verified up to the legal standard and usable by the court."

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